Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Bike

I had the Retroglide for a total of two days before returning it to the store we purchased it from. It was a great bike and I like it even though I did return it. The cruiser was kind of a small glimpse into my inner personality. I liked it's look and the way the handle bars felt as I was..., well, cruising along.

The problem was that after we purchased the bike I became practical. The cruiser only had seven gears and it was a pretty heavy bike alone not to mention when hooked up with the Trailer. I rode it around our neighborhood the moment we brought it home even though it was a pretty cold day.  I realized with and with out the trailer attached, switching the gears made no difference. It wasn't getting any easier for me. I'm not saying that the cruiser is hard bike to ride, its not. It's just a different kind of bike than im used to. Not to mention I am pretty out of shape to begin with.

Justin called me Monday morning on his way home from work and said that he was going to go look at bikes for himself. This was my moment of truth. I was overwhelmed with nerves but I felt that I had to try and I told him about my concerns and asked if we could attempt to return the bike, or even exchange it. There was another bike that I found at the same store that I found the Retroglide at and I thought that it was a better purchase for me.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, we returned the Raleigh Retroglide and purchased another Raleigh, this one is a Venture 3.0. Its a great bike with twenty-one gears and a lot less weight to it. Plus, its pearl white, which is a choice color for me.

The guys at Healthy Habits were amazing. They helped Justin bring in the returning bike from his truck. They took the bike seat, the pedals and the grip handles from another bike and put them on this bike (because I thought that they looked better) and then tuned up the bike I now have. They were not rude or short because I had created more work for them to do they were a great group to do business with and I recommend them to any and everyone who are may be in the market of purchasing a bike.

We did not purchase the Burley Bee trailer because it was too expensive for our budget right now. Instead we settled on a nice option made from Instep. Yesterday, Justin put it together and we fitted the straps to Vada.

Today the weather was decent and Vada and I broke it all in. I cant imagine how I must have frustrated not only the guys at the bike shop but also Justin, but im glad that I spoke up. Without doubt this was a good choice for me.

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