Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Erupting: Vada's First Tooth

Over the past several months I have mentioned Vada and teething quite a lot. I have read, on many occasions and from many different resources that teething and Down syndrome may have its own set of rules. There are a multitude of possibilities that change and differ from one child to the next, Down syndrome aside. Typically, what I read about Down syndrome I keep in a memory vault that I have built somewhere in the back of my brain and I reference the knowledge when needed. On some occasions I use certain things as a baseline but over all I look at Vada as her own person who is not to be compared to anyone else. However, I do compare her and her sisters in very small ways. Again, these are my baselines.

With teething Jasmine and Kiliegh both cut the same teeth first, their lower incisors. Jasmine cut both her central left and right incisors with in an hour of each other. Kiliegh, I cant remember which came first but it was one of the lower central incisors as well and the second tooth followed suit with in a couple of days from the first one. Vada seemed to be pushing her lower right lateral through. I have checked that spot everyday because of its puffiness and at one time, months ago, I thought there was a little bud peeking out. However, today as I ran my finger across her bubbly wet gums I felt a hard spot somewhere else. Justin was here at the time and I asked him to run and get me a flash light. What I was feeling was hard to see but the flash light revealed what I thought, a pearly white dot surrounded by swollen pinkness. Vada's first tooth.

I found the below picture from this site. I have highlighted the area of where I think Vada's first tooth is. It has erupted in a very unlikely "first" spot (at least in my experience). As you can see, if that is in fact where her first tooth is then it would be way ahead of schedule. So, I am guessing that her first tooth is actually her right lateral incisor instead, which is in front of her canine.

I attempted to take a picture of that little white spot peeking out but it was a battle not worth fighting for. She is uncomfortable and i'm sure in some of pain as well, so I am not going to make it worse for my satisfaction of having a picture. Time will tell and then I will too. For now, I know that my baby girl is in fact teething and officially has her first tooth.

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