Our Book of the Week

I plan on going back and forth between choosing my own books for "Our Book of the Week" and Before Five In A Row (BFI♥AR) -there are just too many good books, making it hard for me to stick with a select few!

Originally, I planned on sharing both the BFI♥AR and OBOTW in this section so that they would be easier to find, however, I will just make note when they are from BFI♥AR on the actual blog and then those specific posts will have their own page.

What is OBOTW and "BFI♥AR"? It is a curriculum of sorts where all week (give or take depending on the person and the actual week and or book of choice.) we will be focusing on a specific book and I build my weeks curriculum around that book. I'll bring in other books that may go along with what we are studying but in short, I will be doing activities themed around one book throughout a whole week. The week will vary between four to five days for each book the theme (such as gardening or animals) may actually last longer than a week, however.

Making the Most of Today's Book of the Week Selections

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Thanks for popping by my blog. I really hope you enjoy B4FIAR as much as we do.