Wednesday, May 8, 2013

'C' Soup and Butterflies

Yesterday we started off our morning with a fun painting craft that came with our Letter of the Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Vada enjoys doing projects like this, so I felt like it was a good way to get our lessons started.

Next, we worked on the "C is for Caterpillar" page. I gave Vada glass beads to start with. I like to let her use different objects for the same tasks so that she becomes aware that there are other options for available when doing certain things.

"C is for Caterpillar" worksheets are from the "Letter of the Week" curriculum that was purchased through Confessions of a Homeschooler.

She also had time to use the Pom Pom magnets that her sister made for her.

Next we got out our Letter 'C' can of Alphabet Soup from Learning Resources. 

Then we read Ten Little Caterpillars, a book by Bill Martin Jr but one that is also illustrated by Lois Ehlert who happens to be one of my favorite children authors because of her unique artwork. 

This book went right along with the caterpillar theme but I thought that it would also help us to transition into some math activities.

Vada, doing her version of the ASL sign for butterfly.

Our first Math activity just consisted of me counting the caterpillars on each card out loud while using Vada's pointer finger to point each one out and then counting out the same amount of glass beads for Vada to place onto the cards on her own while I counted them out loud as she put each one onto the cards. Basically, we just did a ton of counting out loud but every time we do this activity (no matter what we are counting) she gets better and better at pointing, at singling out each item, at sliding each counter onto the mats and so forth. She is getting it and that's what counts! Plus, she is making sounds as she points, as if she is trying to count which I like even more. 

 And of course, her very own hungry caterpillar was here to make sure we did everything correctly.

We read the Very Hungry Caterpillar next and while we were reading how the caterpillar in the book ate and ate and ate, Vada decided to also feed her caterpillar! She's so smart!

Vada signing butterfly again. She loves this sign!
 We went through the vocabulary words from the book again today and probably will do it every day this week because I think repetition is very important and in everything that I have been taught and have read about teaching reading to children with Down syndrome is that repetition of sight words is important.

We worked on shapes, colors and fine motor skills with these Shape Butterflies from Learning Resources.

Check out Vada's "personality face". It's total a-t-t-itude but her grandpa says "Nope, it's personality.", so we call it "personality".

Another math activity that we worked on was the paper clips counting. Someday, Vada will get this fine motor skill down and she will be able to use the clips on her own, for now however, I put the clips on and she pulls them off as I count them. 

I downloaded these for free from 1+1+1=1.

Our first step in this activity is me reading the top "sentence" out loud. "One butterfly."

Then I count the actual butterflies on the card, again out loud and as I point to each one. 

Next, I point to the numeral at the bottom of the card and say it out loud, "ten" and then I have Vada begin taking the clips off while I count each one out loud for her to hear. I also have a small bowl close to her for her to put the clips into. It's just an extra step to make her think and get her to get into the practice of doing multiple step tasks.

We had a busy day yesterday but it was another great one because we were together! I love being a homeschooling mom and I love this little girl! 
No, its not all easy and the gratification is not instant. In fact I am still kind of waiting to see if anything that I am doing is working! But. It. Is ALL worth it!

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Anna Theurer said...

I really enjoy reading about your adventures in homeschooling Vada. It looks like Little Miss is keeping on her stylish glasses:)