Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Fun Sand Sensory Bin

A couple of nights ago Justin and I made another sensory bin for Vada using Fun Sand that we purchased at Menards.

For our first use of this bin I put our alphabet cookies into it for our Letter of the Week study but it's sand, you could use anything and we will!

 The texture of the sand is kind of hard to explain, it's sand but not dusty and not quite sticky but it kind of sticks to itself. In fact, it ends up packing into itself once it's sat untouched for too long but that's neither here nor there. It's just a small fact about the product.

We did have an interesting time tearing it apart for the first time however! I think Justin and I played with it for a solid half an hour before putting it away.

Vada on the other hand...

Well, she's going to take some getting used to it and then she'll see  that there are some fun benefits of playing in sand.

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Lorre Lyons said...

You know I absolutely love your site. It is fun and informative. I am stealing so much stuff from you. Justice sends his thanks to you and Vada.