Monday, May 13, 2013

Back in the Classroom Again

About a month ago, we had several days straight of rain, which ended up causing our basement to not only leak but to flood like it has never flooded before! It was overwhelming for me and pretty devastating to my husband who had done such hard work to build us a new bedroom as well as a classroom for Vada and I. 

After tons of cleaning we were finally able to move back into the classroom this weekend and I can't tell you happy we ALL are, even Vada was thrilled to get back into her space! She instantly began going through the cupboards and getting books to read on her special step! We did a craft on Saturday and started class today (which I will post on later) but while the class was unable to be used I did accomplish quite a bit of preparation work!

I have got all of the binders for the Letter of the Week prepared and completed through letter 'E'. I know that it may not seem like much but it takes a ton of time to prepare each binder and this was a lot of work and I have so much more to go!

I have also prepared and printed out all of the lap book activities as well as any other printables that I could find for the BFIAR books. Now, whenever I decide to do a BFIAR book I can just grab a book and a binder and go with it!

There is still a lot of work to do and even more things to be organized. I feel like I need to pack up a bunch of stuff to make more room for where we are now and what we're actually using. We have stuff from when Jasmine and Kiliegh were older than Vada is now (all of the way into fifth grade, I think.) and some of that stuff is just taking up needed space. Most of the stuff I did pack away but I kept the kindergarten and first grade stuff out for whatever reason, mainly for convenience but I was being unrealistic and I need the space that this stuff is taking up, it just needs to stored away until Vada gets to that stage and whenever she does, I will be ready. So more changes will be made in the classroom sometime soon.


April Vernon said...

Your schoolroom looks amazing! Great work! I have given your blog the Liebster Award! Check it out at

Twilson9608 said...

Thank you April! I will do my part for the award. And I will be saying prayers for Levi's upcoming surgery.