Friday, May 3, 2013

Seeing Through Purple Colored Glasses

Vada's purple glasses came today! We got the call first thing this morning and I have to admit that I was super excited! I couldn't wait to see Miss V. in her new glasses! I knew that she would look great in them and she did!

When Vada first saw the glasses she began to cry out. She remembered trying them on from the other day and was not happy! I put the glasses on her and put her on the floor to walk around and she began to strut. She thought that she was hot stuff! I was pleased! And you could tell that she was telling the difference in her vision. It had to be noticeable. Her steps were different and the way she was looking around at things was in wonder. It was neat to watch her and it gave this mama a happy heart!

We made it half way home before the glasses came off, which was longer than I expected.

Once we came home we went to Vada's room to explore her books and toys and play together.

Vada love's her books, she loves to pretend to read and to be read to! Today she instantly went to her books and climbed into the rocking chair to read. 

If you have to were glasses then you know the feeling of looking through glasses that are made for your eyes. It's wonderful, you can see things clearly and crisp-like! I can't imagine how good Vada is feeling now that she has her new glasses. Vada is actually both Near and Far sighted, which I have been told is pretty uncommon. It makes me wonder how she was seeing, even with the mild prescription that she does have. Either way, she seems to be pretty content in her new specks!

We have another medical procedure ahead of us to face. It is suppose to be a small endeavor and not so invasive as what we are used to with Vada. Vada's right tear duct has been causing her so many problems. It is constantly tearing up. When she has a cold it has drainage or clogs up and gets matted. So this coming Monday I will be calling to make the procedure date. It is suppose to be a quick out patient procedure and I will update as things progress!


EN said...

She looks adorable! Did she get diagnosed with strabismus? That's why Josie has glasses. Please hug Vada for us!

Twilson9608 said...

Hello! It's been so long :). No, Vada actually has an Rx in each eye, one is actually near sighted and the other is far sighted. Although her left eye looks to be slightly crossed the doctor never said anything about strabismus. Her left eye has been mentioned before in conversation because it does appear to have the slight cross but the doctor thinks its a combination of the shape of her eyes and also because the pupil is not centered, those two things in combination makes it look like her eye is crossed even when both are fixed directly on you.