Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Vada ~ trip #5

This one will be another quickie :) I'm typing it on my touch & after so long it gets uncomfortable. I'm not able to "tag" anyone this way either.. Probably best that way, then I won't leave anyone out.

The cardiologist ( Dr. Bramlet) said that for the most part her heart looks the same as last trip. ( upper "hole" is large, lower "hole" is smaller than it was in the beginning). However, one of her valves is starting to leak. This is new in her case. The valves help the directional flow of blood. Her leak is causing a backwash (my words not his) it's still pumping, but some is coming back through. So once again we have to go back to see him & check to make sure her heart has not become worse.
My doctor ( Dr. Renfroe ) said, not a lot has changed as well. However, I don't feel very good about everything she told us. Vada's stomach is more distended, which we all expected. Her legs are still behind in growth & now so are her arms. Justin thinks she said 1 1/2 weeks on the legs & 2 - 2 1/2 weeks on the arms. I thought she said the opposite, either way they're behind. Her head however, is not. Her head I bigger than it should be by 2-2 1/2 weeks. So were keeping an eye on that now too. She weighs 4 lbs - 6oz, give or take 6 oz. So she is at least growing. I'm scared though.. With everything. This doesn't sound positives, it sounds like things are slowly "breaking down". This is the hardest thing I have ever has to go through & technically i'm not fully the one going through it. Anyway, we've set a cesarean date, we pushed it as far as we could (which is pretty far) & are hoping to reach it! Funny thing is it's the very first date we were ever given, march 15th. We have to be at labor & delivery (in Peoria) by 9am (w no food or drink in my belly!) & we'll be doing the c section at 11am. Dr renfroe will be there assisting, which is reassuring since she has been our doc ever since we were refereed to Peoria by Rita(our mid wife). Currently Vada is breech. There's a possibility that she may go head down, and if she does then I can attempt to have her naturally, which is good news. I'd like that, a lot! I asked if I get off of bed rest, and that was a quick "no". Which is depressing, understandable since my ankles look like tree trunks from today's walking around & the risk of preterm labor again. But it still makes me sad. I sound like a baby, I know but this is something like week seven! & I don't lay around watching soaps & eating Bon bons, it's not fun. Even though I know it's what's beat for Vada, it's difficult to be in a good moo about.
So that's the update. I'm going to continue to pray & stay down b/c that's all I can do. I'm praying that he little body will balance out growth wise, that her heart will stop leaking & be strong for her. I'm praying that her stomach continue to work & that she isn't in any pain. Last, I'm going to pray that we can make it all of the way to the scheduled due date. The bigger she is, the better her chances are for getting through all of this. Please continue to pray with us for these same things. God is listening, I believe that's true. I know he has a plan & I am trying to trust in him with everything.:)