Saturday, December 29, 2012

Barnyard Bingo

Barnyard Bingo was a game that was originally made by fisher price but was discontinued several years ago. It's been a game that all of Vada's therapists (excluding the physical therapist) have brought into our home on several occasions and it has always been one that I have wanted to get for her. So this Christmas we splurged and found a good deal on a like new set. This game has SO many purposes! Animal recognition, as well as their specific sounds that they make. Color recognition. It helps working on fine motor skills by putting the little coins into the slot. It can help strengthen a pointing finger skill by using that specific finger to push down the lever to get a new bingo caller coin. This game can be adjusted to the skill levels of the child and is fun enough for older siblings to join in as we'll. I so love Barnyard Bingo! One of my favorite things about this game is batteries aren't required.

1 to 10 Counting Cans

One of Vada's favorite toys is her new 1 to 10 counting cans that she got for Christmas. 
I was really surprised when I opened the box and began to play with them with Vada. She took right on and we went through each can twice before she had had enough and actually laid down on the floor and called it quits!

I suppose there are many ways that you can use this set but the way that I do it is by taking one can in each hand and presenting them to Vada. I give her the choice of what she would like. Example  "Vada do you want the brown mushrooms or the pink strawberries?" She then chooses the can and I put the other behind me. I open the can that she chose and pour out its contents into my hand. Piece by piece and while counting  I hand the cans contents to Vada as she puts them back into the can.

After all of the pieces have been counted and put into the can I hand Vada the lid and together we push the lid on securely and then she gives it a good shaking, just for fun!

 This is a fun hands on activity that promotes counting, sorting, colors as well as food recognition and even shapes. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catching Up

I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for awhile there but im back -kind of. My drive to snap  photos has worn away for the time being and i'm just trying to figure out where it is that we or I belong. With so many opportunities and activities it's hard to say to say "no" and frankly, I am worn and so very tired! I'm not sure how parents do so many sports activities with their children, especially the traveling kinds and still have time to know who they are! 

My oldest does karate, Science club and Catalyst. My middle daughter does dance, chorus and youth group. Some how, Vada, my youngest, does the most, speech, developmental, occupational and physical therapies, music class once a week, a play group at GiGi's about twice a month, a home school playgroup once a week and we just started what we are calling a "crunchy" mama's play group (which I really, really like, and need for me). Once a week I go to our church for a women's Bible study but I haven't been able to attend for a month now due to unforeseen doctors appointments and sicknesses and my husband and I have recently have decided to home school her as well. Truthfully, if I could, I would wipe the slate clean. I would say goodbye to all of the activities (minus the church activities) and yes, as much as I love Vada's therapists I would say good bye to them as well, (it's kind of overwhelming having people coming into your home over and over and if you think about for just a moment then you'll know what I mean). We just want to live our lives but we also want whats best for Vada and we know that they all help give her that. :) I think that I would also keep the music classes and all of the play groups and the in school activities, oh shoot, there I go again! See, it's SO hard to say "no"! ughhh...

With Christmas quickly approaching things seem to be moving at warp speed and soon my older two girls will be home on Christmas break and I look forward to going no where and doing nothing but spending time doing things like playing board games, baking and doing crafts with them (things that they ask me to do but things that we don't seem to have time for)!

Any that I have rambled a bunch of nonsense, here are some photos of the last month...

Vada's Thanksgiving outfit that her Daddy picked out.

Justin carved the turkey at his parent's house on Thanksgiving for the first time this year.

Ruff's House a game that teaches about the differences of textures, Vada and I recently started paying this and it seems to be one of her favorites. 

We rub the soft "bones" on the sides of our faces.

We rub the rough "bones" on our opposite hands.

We brought out our Little Peoples Christmas Story/Nativity Scene. 

We have begun to paint the classroom! WOOHOO!!!

Kiliegh helped finish the painting.

We've then began to lay the flooring!

I took the girls out for a night on the town. We went to a dinner/musical called Freckle Face Strawberry, Taken from the book.

Kiliegh and Vada met Freckleface strawberry and all of the other cast of the show, it was all very exciting!

Santa was there as well which was a special treat. Although, this was as close as Vada would get to him and I swear she was gagging herself the whole time she was next to him. Seriously.

We read advent readings every night in our family but because our family has been very sick this last week and no one has ate this last week we haven't read our advent, so last night the girls and I caught up on our advent readings by taking turns. Vada wanted in on the action.

She took it very seriously, as she should...

until we reminded her that she couldn't read!