Saturday, December 29, 2012

Barnyard Bingo

Barnyard Bingo was a game that was originally made by fisher price but was discontinued several years ago. It's been a game that all of Vada's therapists (excluding the physical therapist) have brought into our home on several occasions and it has always been one that I have wanted to get for her. So this Christmas we splurged and found a good deal on a like new set. This game has SO many purposes! Animal recognition, as well as their specific sounds that they make. Color recognition. It helps working on fine motor skills by putting the little coins into the slot. It can help strengthen a pointing finger skill by using that specific finger to push down the lever to get a new bingo caller coin. This game can be adjusted to the skill levels of the child and is fun enough for older siblings to join in as we'll. I so love Barnyard Bingo! One of my favorite things about this game is batteries aren't required.

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April Vernon said...

Looks like a great game! Those are skills we are working on, too!