Thursday, May 7, 2009

God at School not allowed???

by Tara Wilson on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 11:34pm
A few days ago Jasmine came home very excited, her and some of her friends decided that during recess they were going to start a Bible Club. I know to some this may not mean much, but to me, I was sooo proud. This was so amazing to me. They are third graders, and during their recess, their play time they chose this.
Yesterday Jasmine and one pf her friends that was coming home with us came to the car even more excited, another girl in that group had brought mini Bibles for each girl. Their plan was to sit and read a verse, talk about it and then pray together. Again, my heart melts.
However, today Jasmine came home very upset. It seems that this is not allowed at school. The girls were supposedly told that they should be playing during recess, not doing this. Which frustrates me, because its okay to sit "on the wall" and do nothing, but its not okay to pray? I don't get that. Who are they hurting? Its not like they are preaching to others, or telling others that "this is the only way." At least I believe Jasmine wouldn't do that. Our beliefs are our own, and so to us it is the same for everyone else. I believe that we have taught our children that we are not to judge others, its not our place.
Anyway, I know that its not allowed for teachers to press religion, but I am wondering if its also not okay to allow children to do something like this, on their own free will.
I like the staff at Jasmine and Kilieghs school. So I am not trying to start any problems, I just don't believe to to be just. There are only a few weeks left of school, should I let it go? Should I bring it up to the principle? She is supposedly the one who put a stop to all of this. Is against some law, or rule?
I feel that by telling these girls that they are not allowed to pray at school, that they are receiving a message that God is in some way bad. What do all of you think???