Friday, February 26, 2010

Update on Vada~ Trip 6 to Peoria

We'll today was our last visit with the Ped.'s Cardiologist, Dr. Bramlett, until after Vada is born. Her heart is looking good, better actually. The ASD (upper "hole") is still the same, large but not an overly large concern for right now. The VSD (lower "hole") looks to have possibly restored itself. Meaning Dr. Bramlett couldn't see it today. He will check it all out once she is born, if the VSD has restored itself, then there is a huge possibility that we could hold off on surgery for the AVC. Dr. Bramlett said that we might even be able to wait until Vada is anywhere from 2 to 4 years old! This was amazing news!

After leaving Dr. Bramlett's we headed over to Dr. Renfroe's (fetal diagnostics specialist) office. There we did another sonogram. Vada over all looks pretty good. Her legs are still behind in growth, about 3 weeks now. As for her arms we didn't ask because we started talking about other things. It looks like she is weighing over 6lbs now which is also great! Her stomach is still the same, we didn't expect any changes because the Duodenal Atresia wont repair itself, so no matter what she will need surgery with in the first 3 days, after birth. I am still measuring over the "norm" for amniotic fluid, again, we didn't expect anything to change there.

For those of you who don't know, which may be many (I haven't really brought it up a whole lot as of recently, because it too has become my "norm") I have been having a lot of contractions, more so than even before. They are starting to be stronger & I am becoming more and more uncomfortable. Yesterday (Thursday) I had my 2nd NST (non stress test) of the week. I ended up staying about an hour longer than usual because of the number of contractions I was having. My Mid wife was concerned enough to ask me to come to her office early so she could do a quick check to make sure all was well. There were some changes so she called Peoria and spoke with the doctor on call (not Dr. Renfroe) and he told her to check me again. When she did, she came to the conclusion that I wasn't in active labor, so I was able to stay at home. I think the week before I was having contractions 2 & 3 minutes apart. I am having them again everyday. Sometimes several with in an hour, but I don't go to the hospital because they haven't really changed in intensity, until the last couple of days. With all that being "said", Justin, Dr. Renfroe and I came up with a new plan. We are all concerned that I wont make it much longer, and we don't want to risk being in Moline when I finally do go into full labor. We feel its too risky, and don't want to be separated from our baby. Sooo... This Sunday Justin and I will be checking into a hotel in Peoria. The next day, Monday the 1st, we will go to the hospital at 9 to have an amniocentesis done, to check on Vada's lungs. There is some question on how far along I actually am. Justin and I were planning on this pregnancy so I wrote everything down, by those notes I am actually a week ahead (however, that would then mean that her growth is even more delayed, so I would rather be wrong on this one). What we are hoping for is that her lungs are mature. The amnio should take a maximum of four hours until we get the results. One those are in & if her lungs have matured then we will check into labor and delivery & begin the induction process. We will be starting with Cervidil to get my Cervix ready, and then start a pitocin drip. This process can be lengthy, so we don't think that we will actually deliver until sometime on Tuesday. So hopefully, with in the week we will meet Vada! We are very excited, and nervous, a little scared too, but I think it's safe to say that the excitement trumps all of the other feeling for the time being. I know that being induced is not the "natural" process of things, but I am hoping to have the least amount of medications as possible. I would like to do it with out pain medication, especially. That's my personal goal.

So that's the newest news. Justin will be staying with me for the first few days. Then he will be coming home & I will be staying in Peoria. Hopefully we will be bring our baby home with in two weeks after surgery. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. So far, all of our prayers have been answered. How amazing is that!?! God truly is almighty!

Like I already wrote, this is the plan & since we have planned it all out we will probably be coming home on Monday, still pregnant. This too is a possibility. :)