Thursday, July 29, 2010


This summer has been hot. Too hot if your asking me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer just as much as the next person, more so if you slap a swim suit on me and put me in a pool. Put aside the sight of my laffy taffy skin in a two piece and im left with a new born who has sensitive skin and over heats in seconds. So me being in a pool has yet to happen this summer.

Being outside has actually been minimal as well, which I am fine with!I'm not really tolerant of the heat either. I get uncomfortable and the humidity really irritates me. So having Vada as my excuse for not being outside has been wonderful!

Today had been pretty nice outside. Hot, but not humid. Which I cant complain much about, especially since I was in air conditioning for the majority of the day. After dinner the girls hopped on their bikes and rode off to play with some of their buddies for a bit. I had gone outside to help Kiliegh get her bike out of the garage when I noticed that it was really nice out. I decided to bring Vada outside and just lay in our yard and wait for the girls to come back.

Earlier today I put Vada into this cute lady bug shirt that I had bought over two months ago on clearance. It was her first time wearing it, so I figured because she looked so cute in it id just leave her in it and then I grabbed a receiving blanket that went well with the colors of her outfit and headed outside to take some pictures and enjoy the summers warmth.

I think she really enjoyed it, because as soon as I laid her on her blanket she rolled to her belly and started kicking her feet and exploring everything with in her arms reach.

I love every little part of Vada. (Jasmine and Kiliegh too) I cant really even say that I have a favorite part on her because each and every spot is my favorite. From the tip of her mow hawk to the bottom of her feet she is perfect to me.

One of my favorite things on all babies is their diaper butts. Especially in those footie pj's. So cute! But ruffles on my already perfect baby girls diaper butt... well, there's nothing cuter. In my humble opinion.

Vada and I laid in our yard for about twenty minutes or so before Jasmine and Kiliegh came riding up the drive way. Turns out the neighborhood was free of friends for the night so we were able to head out earlier than I had originally thought we would.

There is an old elementary school a few blocks up from our house. I say old, but I don't think its all that old. Its just not being used as a "normal" school. I think its being used for a preschool. Either way we go up there a lot. Its really close and they have a decent play ground and a large field to run around in. As soon as we got there Jasmine and Kiliegh ran off to play and I laid out our picnic blanket, sat out our drinks, my books and laid Vada next to me. I love watching Jasmine and Kiliegh play together. If I am quiet and just watch, mainly without them knowing I am watching then they play so well with each other. They laugh and for the most part get along pretty well. Sure Jasmine is extremely bossy and Kiliegh is a bit whinny, but they tolerate each other just fine. Its when I step in and intervene that they start to bicker about one being bossy and the other one whining.

Today they played so well with each other. When days like this come along it brings with it a calm that settles in my heart. I am able to take deep full breaths and everything seems brighter. I don't think that I have mentioned that I hate fighting, and because I have dealt with a lot of it in my past I have anxiety when dealing with it. So days where everyone is just enjoying each other is great to me.

We were the only people at there today. We stayed for about two hours. It was wonderfully relaxing!

I didn't actually take the time to read the books that I brought, but I did relax.

There are so many benefits of nursing your baby. Convience is one. Id say that that benefit is more for the parents than it is for the baby. Either way I am grateful that I dont have to carry bottles full of water and a tub of formula around.

Today because we were the only people at the park I was able to not have to worry about covering up and I just nursed Vada out in the open. It may sound weird, but it felt nice and soothing. I cant describe how natural nursing is and to be in the nature without worrying about what someone will say, or who will be looking is a great feeling. At least for me.

With all of that being said, this evening was just wonderful. Extremely mellow and laid back. It was two hours of moments that I pray for.

I love being a stay at home mother. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Doing this feels right, just as being a doctor or a store clerk may to someone else. I love my job. Its never ending, I don't get holidays or breaks. I certainly don't get paid for my overtime. I don't sit on the couch and eat bon-bons all day while watching Days of Our Lives. (Although I do watch Days once in a while.) I'm not just a mom. I am a teacher, a chef, a personal laundry mat, a salon, taxi cab driver, a coach, a maid and so much more. I don't get to clock in and then clock out and I don't get paid in cash for what I do. I do however get moments like today. Where I am able to sit back relax and watch as my children run, laugh and play together. Today, the park, the giggles, kisses, and snuggling. That was my payment. I wish everyday could be as smooth and as enjoyable as today, but if it was then today might not have been so special!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Setting The Mood

I personally don't watch the news. I don't read news papers either. I probably should, considering I'm a mother and wife now. Plus I'm going to be thirty soon. It seems like the " responsible adult" thing to do. I mean I should be more concerned with the world around me or at least try to be. Right? I don't really have any excuse for why I don't do these things, and its not that I'm not concerned. To be completely honest I suppose if, (and that's a big if), i'm actually watching t.v. there is usually something else on that attracts my attention more. Ironically, and probably pathetically its something like The Real World on MTV. As far as reading the newspaper,well, I just don't. We don't have it delivered because for us it would be a waste of money and just something else to put into the recycling bin. Honestly, I would only truly appreciate the Sunday paper because of the adds and coupons inside of it.

So, when I heard about all of the flooding around us I was totally oblivious. Naturally. That same night however, I did turn on the news and I learned that our area was expected to flood soon, and worse than it ever has before. I was interested then. I remember the last BIG flood in our area. I was around 13 years old then. It was crazy! I remember that people were swimming in the flood water. Then later hearing about how those same people were actually swimming in sewage because the sewers were also flooded. Businesses were shut down because they were under water and of course many of the streets were blocked off. Looking back on it now it was actually quite sad, people lost a lot because of what at the time I thought was cool.

While I was watching the news I thought that this would be something that the girls would like to see. Its different to a child. Things like this, things that are tragic in the eyes of adults can be amazing and almost fun to a child. At least that's the way I see it.If anything else, I was curious.

However, when we got down to the river tonight we did not see any flooding. We did however notice that the water was much higher. That didn't make any difference to the girls. To them it still looked like the same old, dirty watered Mississippi river. There would have to be water in the parking lot, at the very least, to make any impact on their views of what a flood looks like.
My favorite part of what the girls and I have named "Our River Walk" besides being outside, on a walk, with my family, is the sunset. Or sun rise. That would be, I actually got up that early, and again... that's a very big if. My favorite thing is when the sun meets the horizon. The sky seems to get warmer in its colors. Almost like its setting the mood before everything turns black and the stars do dances through the night and into our dreams.

A perfect night for me would be to sit under a tree close to a river (minus the bugs), with my family, covered in my brown blanket(that's a whole other story)waiting for that exact moment when the day says hello to the night. This night was pretty close to just that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Toy

It's funny how we all take things for granted. Especially everyday things. Such as driving your car to the grocery store. Or your alarm clock, you think nothing of it until the day it doesn't go off and your late for work. Then there are even smaller things such as being able to take a drink from a coffee cup, scratch your nose or even point to something.

I find myself thinking about things like that when I watch Vada work so hard to figure out how to move that "thing" connected to the end of her wrist. She will look at her hand for minutes, move it a tiny bit, then study it again. It's amazing how someone so young and small can try so incredibly hard to accomplish something that we don't even think twice about doing, we just do it. Someday, she wont be thinking about it either, but for now its fun to watch her grow and learn.

About a week ago I ordered this exersaucer from Amazon for Vada. Her physical therapist had mentioned it during her last visit. I was so excited that she did, I was ready to see her interact with a new toy that was different than her tummy time mats.

Vada seemed to really enjoy looking at everything. You could see in her eyes that she was very interested and the fact that she was wobbling back and forth in her seat and her arms were flailing around showed us that she was excited and she liked what she saw. She did such a wonderful job at looking at something and then touching it. I am so impressed with how she is. I feel like the doctors must have told us all of the bad stuff that might be possible with her having down syndrome but some how forgot to tell us that it is quite possible she may be amazing and just like any other baby!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Check- Up Time

Today was Vada's four month check-up. She was suppose to get her immunizations today, however she received a rectal swab instead. Personally, i'm not for sure which one is worse.

Last Thursday Vada started to have diarrhea. At first I figured it was associated with her teething. When Sunday came around I figured we both must have caught something, because I started feeling ill. Then Sunday night came and with the diarrhea came traces of blood. Not a lot, but blood none the less. Monday morning came with two more diapers resembling the one from the night before so I called the ped's office. After discussing the details I was instructed to get a stool sample. Boy, was that fun. Not. For one reason or another I was unable to get a sample before I brought her in today. Hence, the swab.

Were still waiting on the results. Its a culture, so it takes 24 to 72 hours to determine anything. I told the doctor that I would like to hold off on her immunizations until we figure out what were dealing with in regards to the diarrhea. He agreed, although I am not for sure if her really agreed or just did it because he knew I wouldn't budge on that idea. Either way, were waiting.

The doctor did do a check up & said everything else looks pretty good.


Monday, July 12, 2010

rocking and ROLLING OVER

This morning I woke up and looked in Vada's bed and she was on her stomach. Its been four nights that she has been sleeping in her crib. Upstairs, above our bedroom. One night we stayed at Justin's parents house, and that night I slept great! The crib was right next to me and I could look at her anytime. I could hear her breathing, that is something that the baby monitor doesn't really pick up & because she is not next to me I have the hardest time sleeping. Therefore, this morning when I found her sound asleep on her belly I thought that surely I must have put her that way with out thinking. Not that I have ever done that, I haven't. I just figured I need to take some naps today. So I brushed off the idea that it was a possibility that she actually rolled over.

Later, I laid Vada down under her play mat, walked into the kitchen, got some coffee and came back in. There she was on her belly again. Jasmine was walking out of the room so I asked her if she moved Vada. She said she thought that I put her on her stomach for some "tummy time". So here I was again, dumbfounded. I was sure that it was too early, and even though I had found her this way twice today, I didn't quite believe what I was seeing...


I saw it for myself...

I am so proud!!! Over joyed really! She is so amazing! She is 4 months and 10 days old today. She was born 3 weeks early. And for children with Down Syndrome the average age for rolling from back to belly is 7 months , the range is 5 to 9. She isn't even there yet. WOW! She is amazing.

Here is a link to the milestone chart I referred to (

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rhinestones and Ruffles

I find great joy in having girls. However, I am just getting into the hormones, so I may change my opinion somewhat off and on through the next few years. For now, and for the most part, being a mother of three girls has been pretty fun. I have especially enjoyed dressing them. Jasmine is out of that stage, and in some ways I think she is rebelling against my likes. Kiliegh likes to dress like Punky Brewster, and I want to nurture that spark of individuality in her. So I let her dress herself, even when she choose two different shoes to wear. Then there is Vada. Sweet sweet Vada. Probably our last child that we will have. Therefore my last girl to "dress up". I am kind of bummed about that. Its fun. However, I am making sure to NOT take it for granted.

This outfit was a gift from one of our good friends.I t is actually the only outfit, besides some girly Cubs onsies and Beatles onsies, and all of her dresses, and hats ( I cant forget the hats. I love getting hats for her. They are fun!)that is a "dress up" type of outfit. I am actually kind of proud of myself, because I didn't buy this particular "dress up" outfit. Which means I am restraining myself. Right?

Well, either way she is a Prima Ballerina today, and she is as cute as can be!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


After Vada's toe nails were dry and her belly was nice and full I laid her in her crib for a nap.

I covered her up and tucked her in. About ten minutes later I checked in on her. I was slightly amazed at what I saw. She scooted herself up to the head of the crib. Ive seen her scoot before. Actually I haven't physically seen her do it, just the after effect. So, I stayed by the door. Quietly waiting. Hoping to see how she was doing it. I stood there for a good five minutes and not so much a peep came from her. I had figured she fell back asleep. So I left the room to go finish getting dinner ready. Because she had moved so drastically I kept checking on her every couple of minutes. By the third check up Vada had some how scooter herself even further up. So far that her neck was bent, and her face was slightly touching the bumper. After checking to make sure she could still breathe okay I snapped another picture. She use to sleep with me all of the time and burring her face into my neck, very similar to what she was doing during this nap, was the only way she could sleep. She's my little scooter. I wonder if this is a sign that she's going to be mobile soon?!?

Polished Piggies

Vada and I have been left behind by the "big" girls again. Jasmine and Kiliegh have ventured out into our neighborhood this summer for the first time since we've lived here. Up until a few weeks ago we thought that they were the only girls in this area. Come to find out there are two girls, sisters, both Jasmine's and Kilieghs ages. The funny thing is that these two girls have lived there longer than we have. There are about five other girls with in walking distance of our house. Needless to say Jasmine and Kiliegh have been exerting their independence a lot.

Today I decided to finally take off my old nail polish and put a fresh coat on. Its very rare that I remember, at a convenient time, to do things like this. Usually, I remember while im in a waiting room looking down at my half painted toe nails. Or at one in the morning as im deliriously climbing into bed. So, I laid Vada down next to me on her play mat and began to remove what polish was left from last months painting.

Usually when its just Vada and I, I talk to her about everything that I am doing. She seems to really enjoy our conversations together. That, or she smiles because she thinks i'm a nut. Maybe a little bit of both.

As I was removing my polish I realized that she had stopped looking at her toys and was starring at me, so I began to tell her about the color I had choose, *Royal Rajah Ruby*, one of my favorites from OPI. I'm sure she was interested. Once all of the old polish was off I began to put on the new color and I started saying that rhyme "this Little Piggies". She continued looking at me and smiling. So naturally once I finished my toes I began on hers. Her piggies however had a color that suited her better, *Nice Color, Eh?* (That's NOT a question. That's the name.)