Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Toy

It's funny how we all take things for granted. Especially everyday things. Such as driving your car to the grocery store. Or your alarm clock, you think nothing of it until the day it doesn't go off and your late for work. Then there are even smaller things such as being able to take a drink from a coffee cup, scratch your nose or even point to something.

I find myself thinking about things like that when I watch Vada work so hard to figure out how to move that "thing" connected to the end of her wrist. She will look at her hand for minutes, move it a tiny bit, then study it again. It's amazing how someone so young and small can try so incredibly hard to accomplish something that we don't even think twice about doing, we just do it. Someday, she wont be thinking about it either, but for now its fun to watch her grow and learn.

About a week ago I ordered this exersaucer from Amazon for Vada. Her physical therapist had mentioned it during her last visit. I was so excited that she did, I was ready to see her interact with a new toy that was different than her tummy time mats.

Vada seemed to really enjoy looking at everything. You could see in her eyes that she was very interested and the fact that she was wobbling back and forth in her seat and her arms were flailing around showed us that she was excited and she liked what she saw. She did such a wonderful job at looking at something and then touching it. I am so impressed with how she is. I feel like the doctors must have told us all of the bad stuff that might be possible with her having down syndrome but some how forgot to tell us that it is quite possible she may be amazing and just like any other baby!

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