Thursday, July 29, 2010


This summer has been hot. Too hot if your asking me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer just as much as the next person, more so if you slap a swim suit on me and put me in a pool. Put aside the sight of my laffy taffy skin in a two piece and im left with a new born who has sensitive skin and over heats in seconds. So me being in a pool has yet to happen this summer.

Being outside has actually been minimal as well, which I am fine with!I'm not really tolerant of the heat either. I get uncomfortable and the humidity really irritates me. So having Vada as my excuse for not being outside has been wonderful!

Today had been pretty nice outside. Hot, but not humid. Which I cant complain much about, especially since I was in air conditioning for the majority of the day. After dinner the girls hopped on their bikes and rode off to play with some of their buddies for a bit. I had gone outside to help Kiliegh get her bike out of the garage when I noticed that it was really nice out. I decided to bring Vada outside and just lay in our yard and wait for the girls to come back.

Earlier today I put Vada into this cute lady bug shirt that I had bought over two months ago on clearance. It was her first time wearing it, so I figured because she looked so cute in it id just leave her in it and then I grabbed a receiving blanket that went well with the colors of her outfit and headed outside to take some pictures and enjoy the summers warmth.

I think she really enjoyed it, because as soon as I laid her on her blanket she rolled to her belly and started kicking her feet and exploring everything with in her arms reach.

I love every little part of Vada. (Jasmine and Kiliegh too) I cant really even say that I have a favorite part on her because each and every spot is my favorite. From the tip of her mow hawk to the bottom of her feet she is perfect to me.

One of my favorite things on all babies is their diaper butts. Especially in those footie pj's. So cute! But ruffles on my already perfect baby girls diaper butt... well, there's nothing cuter. In my humble opinion.

Vada and I laid in our yard for about twenty minutes or so before Jasmine and Kiliegh came riding up the drive way. Turns out the neighborhood was free of friends for the night so we were able to head out earlier than I had originally thought we would.

There is an old elementary school a few blocks up from our house. I say old, but I don't think its all that old. Its just not being used as a "normal" school. I think its being used for a preschool. Either way we go up there a lot. Its really close and they have a decent play ground and a large field to run around in. As soon as we got there Jasmine and Kiliegh ran off to play and I laid out our picnic blanket, sat out our drinks, my books and laid Vada next to me. I love watching Jasmine and Kiliegh play together. If I am quiet and just watch, mainly without them knowing I am watching then they play so well with each other. They laugh and for the most part get along pretty well. Sure Jasmine is extremely bossy and Kiliegh is a bit whinny, but they tolerate each other just fine. Its when I step in and intervene that they start to bicker about one being bossy and the other one whining.

Today they played so well with each other. When days like this come along it brings with it a calm that settles in my heart. I am able to take deep full breaths and everything seems brighter. I don't think that I have mentioned that I hate fighting, and because I have dealt with a lot of it in my past I have anxiety when dealing with it. So days where everyone is just enjoying each other is great to me.

We were the only people at there today. We stayed for about two hours. It was wonderfully relaxing!

I didn't actually take the time to read the books that I brought, but I did relax.

There are so many benefits of nursing your baby. Convience is one. Id say that that benefit is more for the parents than it is for the baby. Either way I am grateful that I dont have to carry bottles full of water and a tub of formula around.

Today because we were the only people at the park I was able to not have to worry about covering up and I just nursed Vada out in the open. It may sound weird, but it felt nice and soothing. I cant describe how natural nursing is and to be in the nature without worrying about what someone will say, or who will be looking is a great feeling. At least for me.

With all of that being said, this evening was just wonderful. Extremely mellow and laid back. It was two hours of moments that I pray for.

I love being a stay at home mother. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Doing this feels right, just as being a doctor or a store clerk may to someone else. I love my job. Its never ending, I don't get holidays or breaks. I certainly don't get paid for my overtime. I don't sit on the couch and eat bon-bons all day while watching Days of Our Lives. (Although I do watch Days once in a while.) I'm not just a mom. I am a teacher, a chef, a personal laundry mat, a salon, taxi cab driver, a coach, a maid and so much more. I don't get to clock in and then clock out and I don't get paid in cash for what I do. I do however get moments like today. Where I am able to sit back relax and watch as my children run, laugh and play together. Today, the park, the giggles, kisses, and snuggling. That was my payment. I wish everyday could be as smooth and as enjoyable as today, but if it was then today might not have been so special!

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