Thursday, July 1, 2010

Polished Piggies

Vada and I have been left behind by the "big" girls again. Jasmine and Kiliegh have ventured out into our neighborhood this summer for the first time since we've lived here. Up until a few weeks ago we thought that they were the only girls in this area. Come to find out there are two girls, sisters, both Jasmine's and Kilieghs ages. The funny thing is that these two girls have lived there longer than we have. There are about five other girls with in walking distance of our house. Needless to say Jasmine and Kiliegh have been exerting their independence a lot.

Today I decided to finally take off my old nail polish and put a fresh coat on. Its very rare that I remember, at a convenient time, to do things like this. Usually, I remember while im in a waiting room looking down at my half painted toe nails. Or at one in the morning as im deliriously climbing into bed. So, I laid Vada down next to me on her play mat and began to remove what polish was left from last months painting.

Usually when its just Vada and I, I talk to her about everything that I am doing. She seems to really enjoy our conversations together. That, or she smiles because she thinks i'm a nut. Maybe a little bit of both.

As I was removing my polish I realized that she had stopped looking at her toys and was starring at me, so I began to tell her about the color I had choose, *Royal Rajah Ruby*, one of my favorites from OPI. I'm sure she was interested. Once all of the old polish was off I began to put on the new color and I started saying that rhyme "this Little Piggies". She continued looking at me and smiling. So naturally once I finished my toes I began on hers. Her piggies however had a color that suited her better, *Nice Color, Eh?* (That's NOT a question. That's the name.)

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