Thursday, July 1, 2010


After Vada's toe nails were dry and her belly was nice and full I laid her in her crib for a nap.

I covered her up and tucked her in. About ten minutes later I checked in on her. I was slightly amazed at what I saw. She scooted herself up to the head of the crib. Ive seen her scoot before. Actually I haven't physically seen her do it, just the after effect. So, I stayed by the door. Quietly waiting. Hoping to see how she was doing it. I stood there for a good five minutes and not so much a peep came from her. I had figured she fell back asleep. So I left the room to go finish getting dinner ready. Because she had moved so drastically I kept checking on her every couple of minutes. By the third check up Vada had some how scooter herself even further up. So far that her neck was bent, and her face was slightly touching the bumper. After checking to make sure she could still breathe okay I snapped another picture. She use to sleep with me all of the time and burring her face into my neck, very similar to what she was doing during this nap, was the only way she could sleep. She's my little scooter. I wonder if this is a sign that she's going to be mobile soon?!?

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