Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kid's Say the Funniest Things

The girls and I pulled weeds and laid mulch for close to three hours this morning! I was so proud of Jasmine and Kiliegh. They worked really hard and did it with very little complaining! I ended up taking a quick break to feed Vada and then I laid her down for a nap before I rejoined my mini crew. We made a lot of progress and when Justin came home he seemed pleased to have had some of the work already done for him.

During dinner we were talking about our garden and saying how excited we were to use our own vegetables to make homemade salsa. Kiliegh began telling us that at her dad's house they too had started a garden. I asked her what they had planted and then I told her that she would have to let them know that she could help out with their garden when she was there. She looked at me like she was confused by what I had just said so I explained that pulling weeds was important for having a healthy garden. I got that same confused look for a second and then she replied with "Oh, no Momma, I can't tell them that." "Why?" I ashed. "Because, if I told them what I did here then they might think that I could do it there too and I don't want to pull weeds there too." I smile at her and said that I understood. Inside I was having a good laugh! I think its safe to say that she didn't enjoy the manual labor of gardening and lawn work today. It makes me wonder how many other things she does that with between the two houses. Either way, it was funny and clever on her part.

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