Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Grandparents to the Rescue

Vada is on a list of restrictions for at least three more weeks.Which means no visitors for at least that long. We want them, believe you me, we all want visitors. Heck, I am ready for a party! However, I would rather be a slightly lonely Mommy for a couple of more weeks and have a fully healthy baby verses what could happen if someone were to get her sick!

Since we cant have visitors it comes with out saying, that we cant really take Vada anywhere either. This has made a very long home recovery. Summer is here and it is Hot, Hot, Hot outside, which means that taking Vada outside to play and explore is also limited. Waiting until the sun goes down is fine and dandy but then the bugs are out and they are thick this year and hungry for her sweet baby thighs-which I am not inclined to share!

Anyway, Vada was a bit bummed when she found out that Jasmine and Kiliegh both have a summer long pool pass to a nearby private pool. She wants to go swimming too! So, I got on the phone and checked things out with her doctor and then I called good O' Grandma.

Turns out that while taking baths where Vada's incision would be submerged is not okay, nor is it okay to be around all of those people that are at public like pools, it is okay to be in her very own shallow pool. Good thing Grandma and Grandpa had just what we were looking for!

Really, they saved the day..., maybe even the summer as we know it! They are pretty fantastic! I'm being serious..., just look at the smiles on this little girls face! She is thrilled!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for making Vada's recovery a blast!


acp said...


This is Christine ( Austin's mom from DownSyn ) Thanks you so much for giving me the link to your blog in Austin's caringbridge. I think about you and Vada often and pray all is well. Let me say she is just so beautiful I want to gobble her right up. And so are your other daughter. Beautiful, just beautiful. I thank you so much for following Austin's health also. It means so much to know people are praying for him. I'm off to read your blog and see all Vada is doing. I'm following you now, so I won't miss a thing. Much love to you and your beautiful family.

~Christine & Austin

acp said...

I mean daughters. I hate typo errors. lol.