Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrating Good Health

Two weeks ago Justin and I walked hand in hand to the mail box together. It's in the front of our house, so it's not like this great venture. Justin just happen to be getting home as I was going out to check it. So together we walked.

In all honesty, I am kind of immature when it comes to checking the mail. I thoroughly enjoy receiving letters, cards, packages (even if I ordered them myself). As long as its not junk mail, bills or insurance "stuff", I typically enjoy opening it. I don't know why I am that easily amused, its just a quirt I have.

On this particular day we received a card. The envelope looked like a "fake" card that businesses often send to you as an advertising. It said Ruby Tuesday's on it so I assumed it was a coupon or something and because it was from Tuesdays I began opening it as Justin and I made our way around to our back door. Once I had opened the envelope it was like a slow motion process for figuring out what we were looking at. Ill blame it on lack of sleep for the both of us.

The front of the card had an angel on it, which confused me. I wondered why Tuesdays would be sending out something like this to all of their customers. Instead of opening the card I turned to the back of it where again I confirmed that it did in fact come from a restaurant. Still confused and finally I opened the card. It was then that I put two and two together and realized what it was. Justin's brother and his family had sent us a personalized gift card from one of our favorite restaurants.

The story is even funnier when I tell you Justin's confusing side of it. I never actually got to the point of mentioning who the card was from before I began reading the greeting out loud and as I read what was typed on the card, Justin became lost. He thought that the gift card was a gift from Tuesdays. Like, he thought that I had wrote about the restaurant enough times or that someone had notified the and let them in on the fact that we were huge fans and in return they had designed a gift card for Vada.

Yeah, were dorks!

Anyway, we weren't confused as to when we wanted to use the gift card. We decided to go once Vada was off of her medical restrictions and everyone one was home.

As usual, Tuesday's had a great salad bar, my favorite! The girls enjoyed their chicken strips and shrimp. Justin had Talapia and I even ordered a peach sangria-it was delicious!

Vada enjoyed her self.

Jasmine and Kiliegh did too. Overall, it was a relaxing evening together.

Vada even sported her personalized bib sent all of the way from The Svateks in California. We have had it for over a year now, but I didn't want to use it for fear of ruining it but I finally broke down! Its to sweet not to get some use out of it!

Breaking in the bib was not a problem as far as Vada was concerned.

At the end of the meal, I've got to say, it was pretty cool paying with a personalized picture-gift card.

Thanks Aaron, Calder, Louisa and J! We love and miss all of you!

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