Monday, June 20, 2011

ER Rooms and ENT's

This Thursday (I was originally saying it was on Weds. but I mixed up my days) I went to a local walk-in clinic. I had been having a sore throat for five days with the pain increasing considerably each day. The pain was only on the right side so I wasn't concerned with it being strep throat, although I was tested for it a total of two times by the end of this story. The doctor who saw me looked into my throat barely long enough to shine a light in it, told me it was red on both sides (It wasn't) and then told me since my strep test had come back negative that it was just a cold and it would run its course. I hate when doctors (any medical professionals) get on their high horse and think they know everything! If this guy would have really looked into my throat he would have seen that only the right side was swollen, as well as the roof of my mouth. He could have prevented all of this with prescribing me an antibiotic, but he didn't. In stead, he blew me off and sent me home. He told me that if it lasted longer than two weeks to go to my family doctor. Again, this was on Thursday. Friday was worse. Saturday was unbearable, so unbearable that I had Justin take me back to the walk-in, where we saw a different doctor. This doctor shined her little light into my mouth and pulled back a second later looking very concerned. She told me that I had a Peritonsillar Abscess-an abscessed tonsil. The problem was that it had gone untreated too long and was spreading down my throat, through/across the roof of my mouth and into my gums! We were directed to go to the Emergency room.

The emergency room visit lasted a few hours. I was given a CAT scan to see how far the infection had spread and was put on IV antibiotics and electrolytes because I could barely swallow let alone drink at this point. Actually, at this point my face had begun to swell.

Turns out that our ER room is not equipped for dealing with things like this-its an ENT's "area" and our hospital has only one ENT on call once a month and this wasn't his time of the month! There was talk of sending us to Iowa City but the doctor working my case was able to get a hold of an ENT across the river who was willing to see me first thing in the morning, which was Sunday and may I remind you also Father's Day.

Justin and I were nervous that the ENT would be unpleasant, with having to meet us on the weekend and a holiday of all days, but he was so incredibly nice and patient too. He numbed my throat-kind of and then drained the area which hurt more than I care to describe! He told me that I should be feeling better soon and that I should also come back to see him this Wednesday.

I slept throughout the remainder of the day (Sunday) and by that evening I was able to eat some soup. Today, my throat does feel a lot better! I am off of the pain medication and it feels like a little scratch in there, except I still cant open my mouth fully, doing that hurts.

There are two things that I am left with that concerns me. I now have a tooth ache where part of the infection happen to be sitting, so I have to go to the dentist to make sure there wasn't any root damage and then the next thing is the removal of these tonsils. When I go back this Wednesday we will be discussing a date to do it. The ENT didn't say that it was absolutely necessary but guaranteed that I wouldn't have this particular problem or the other problems that I commonly have if I did have my tonsils removed. His confidence was enough to convince me!

Here's the best part and I did save it for last because it is with out doubt the highlight of the weekend. Vada and I were apart for most of Saturday day and then that night as well. When I came back on Sunday she was sipping/sucking from a sippy cup and was eating solids like a champ! She was amazing! AMAZING! It was so exciting. She wasn't cranky because she hadn't nursed. She was content in all of the new things that she was trying and she seemed to really be enjoying herself too! Don't get me wrong, she hadn't lost interest in nursing. As soon as she saw Sunday morning she wanted me and shortly after being in my arms she was ready for some milk and trust me, it had been a long time, I was ready to give her some! The greatness of this side story was that she was sipping and eating not just "gumming" but fully digesting food! This is huge! It a leap forward, not a step!

Justin's parents live a mile or so away from us but we all stayed at their house on Sunday night anyway. It was really nice just hanging out with them. They enjoyed playing with the girls, I was able to continue to rest and Justin and his Dad were able to hang out as well. Vada ate a great dinner and nursed before she went to bed on Sunday and then slept for four hours before nursing again for the second and last time during the night. Today she has nursed four times, drank from a sippy cup, ate lunch and a great dinner and is in bed now (which could back fire on me tonight). It has been so exciting watching her figure out how to eat. She's getting it and its becoming second nature to her. Have I told you that this girl is amazing? Well, she is!


grandma Nott said...

Thank God you're getting better. Its amazing for Miss Vada,sounds like shes learning & trying the unknown[to her]You both are amazing Love you grandma Nott

Amy said...

Oh my, what an...adventure. I'm glad you got it sort out and are feeling better!

Ilisa Ailts said...

This makes me tear up. They are amazing and Vada is so special. I am sorry about your physical problem and the fact the dr. at first minimized what you were going through.

By the way, I did read your facebook msg and thank you so much. I am not going to stress about it all. I mean, look at this post!!!! Thank you for your support. Also, I love "Vada". At the school I work in we have a sweet girl named Vada and my co-worker/friend's middle name is Vada! Never heard of it before but love it!

Leah S. said...

OMG how awful!!! I cannot imagine how miserable you were. And, just in case your other readers get a wild hair like I just did, DO NOT do a google image search for this. Just say'in!