Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fireflies and Moon Lit Skies

I can remember when I was a little girl and when the summer nights seemed almost magical. I always thought it was amazing how I could see the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time. The noises that were made by the bugs,frogs and birds...well, I would pretend that they were being made just for me. I realize now that these things dont just happen in the summertime but as a child I thought that they had. Running through my neighborhood with all of my friends with not a care in the world was another fond summer memory. At that age I had felt as if the world had actually belonged to me. Moments like these had made me feel free and it was through these times that I could pretend the reality of my childhood away. 

One of the most memorable things that I can can vividly recall was catching fire flies. I'd fill a jar with leaves and sticks and hunt those bad boys down. I had a goal that never changed-to catch enough to light my whole bed room once it became dark. I never actually achieved that goal but it was one that I enjoyed working towards every single night.

Another memory that I have is also attached to these impressive bugs and it has to so with tearing off their lighted ends and "wearing" them as rings, Arabian jewels and even necklaces. How I could actually do something like that and where I learned it from? I. Can. Not. Tell-that's something that I do not remember. It was a morbid and disgusting thing to do but something that even to this very day I watch other children do as well (including mine), so I don't feel like I need to go into counseling for it or anything.

Tonight, I watched as Jasmine and Kiliegh hunted down those same magical bugs that captivated my attention so long ago. They too filled a bottle with "bedding" and then after capturing several bugs they went into the bathroom together and shut the door behind themselves. With high hopes and lots of giggles they turned out the lights and waited. While the results they were hoping for were not achieved they continued to be happy with what they were doing and at the end of the night (after setting the bugs free-butts still attached), they asked if they could do it again the following night.

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