Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not A Wordless Kind of Day

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and the day here, was beautiful!

Vada and I took our second trip (this week) to Peoria-yesterday afternoon. On Monday we met with the Cardiologist and the heart surgeon and yesterday we met with the Neurologist. From all three doctors Vada was given a clean bill of health, which was the first time for that! As long as her health remains in tip top shape we get a break from the long drives that have become like second nature for me to take. Vada is scheduled to go back in September, that's three whole months of just enjoying our girls, our family and our time together! I am so excited!

Next week, I'll set up her vaccination appointments. Ive mentioned before that I choose to get my children vaccinated but for Vada I have chose to do a prolonged vaccination schedule, basically it means that she will only get one vaccine injection a month. Luckily, I didn't have to find another pediatrician, because hers  agreed to do it the way that I wanted it to be done. Plus, I had the Peoria specialists backing me up on this one.

Here's the best part that came with the two back to back trips-Vada was taken off of all of  her restrictions! That's right..., she can be out and about! Were are going to keep her out of the church nursery however, it would be the only nursery that she would ever be in-at least at this point. Until she is up to date on her vaccines we want to take some extra precautions. Once she is up to date then she will get the chance to join her friends and play while Mommy and Daddy get to fully listen to the sermons. We will also be slowly reintroducing her into large groups but for the most part our lives have returned to normal-whatever that may be!

Oh, I almost forgot..., during the check-in part of the doctors visits Vada was weighed and measured again. Currently she is twenty-seven inches long! She grew! She also weigh's 17 pounds-11 ounces and for those of you who aren't familiar with her age, she is 15 months and 3 weeks old!

Vada has two very special friends who she has been excited to meet and now that she has recovered, she can! One friend is still in the process of recovering from her very own heart repair and the other is just ready to play!

As far as my personal doctors visits go..., well, they have just begun! This morning I went back to the ENT and we set a date to have my tonsils removed! On July 18th I am going to be saying goodbye to these bad boys who are constantly causing me problems! The doctor mentioned doing it sooner because the tonsil is still enlarged and causing some minor discomfort. Plus, I am still having a hard time fully opening my mouth. However, the process of healing from the surgery will actually interfere with some pretty important summer plans, so I asked to push it back just a bit.

Jasmine had another ball game yesterday. Vada and I got home from Peoria fifteen minutes before she had to be on the field  for practice! I was so glad that I had made it home on time to take her and I was even more grateful to be able to watch her play!

There are very few things that I don't like about watching softball. The heat and humidity are the worst and if its too hot,, then its no fun! I love this time in the season however. It's when the girls are all warmed up to the game. They are fully practiced and they know their rolls in their team. Its about this time that the games get really exciting. However, it is also close to the end of the season. Jasmine and her team played beautifully yesterday! They truly kicked some butt! I was proud of each and every girl, especially mine!

On a serious note, I thank God for the coaches that Jasmine's team has, there are three of them and each one is kind hearted. They push the girls to play their best but still allow them to enjoy the game that they are playing. That's how it should be! The team that the girls played yesterday was less fortunate and that's just...sad.

Vada was able to get a little extra time with Grandpa and Grandma during Jazzy's game as well. She of course enjoyed that time and I think it's pretty safe to say that they did too!

This has already been one full week and I am grateful to be able to say that it has also been a pretty great one-my tonsil issues aside!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics but I really enjoyed the one of Vada in the hat. So sweet.


EN said...

Go Vada! I can't believe Josie is younger and bigger than Vada - what a little peanut she is!

We lifted the quarantine in May but still are religious about handwashing, Purel, and Clorox Wipes. If anyone has been sick or has been around someone else who is sick, we ask them not to come over. People may think we're over the top but it's totally worth it to avoid another stay in the children's hospital. Good luck!

Terrie :) said...

Way to go, Vada! She is a fighter like her mother!Let me know when I can finally meet your little sweety!

I feel you on the tonsil issues. It is no fun and the recovery process is long. If you need anything while recuperating, let me know. Congratulations on all of your blessings and the wonderful week you had.