Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Patience

Between Jasmine (my oldest daughter) and Kiliegh (my middle daughter) I often find myself wondering what the heck is "wrong" with the two of them. I know that sounds harsh, so let me explain. I have three siblings but grew I up as an only child, about the closest thing that I can relate to is the rivalry between me and my only female cousin-who happens to be the same age that I am. Clearly, I know that nothing is truly "wrong" with either of my girls. Their constant bickering however, does drive me nuts! Overall, I think that their pretty fantastic kiddo's and I am so happy to claim them!

Between Jasmine and Kiliegh there is a obvious"love/hate relationship and depending on the minute (not day) they may or may not "like" each other. I know however, when push comes to shove they would both protect each other-if need be and that alone tells me that the love in their relationship is stronger than the annoyance of one another. Their relationship always throws me off when I watch them with Vada, however. It must be an age thing because both Jasmine and Kiliegh are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. with Vada. They are kind and gentle. Sharing and sweet. Patient and playful and the best that I could ever ask them to be. They teach her things and spend quality time talking with her, holding her and just being with her. It's a beautiful thing and Vada's bond with each of her sisters is unique. While I pray everyday that the two of them (J and K) will get along better I also thank God for the sisters that they are to Vada.

Today, Vada, Kiliegh and I went to the park. Before leaving the house Kiliegh grabbed a sucker to snack on along the walk. Vada paid no attention to Kiliegh during the walk, as she as preoccupied with all of things going on around her. It wasn't until we all sat in the field and began searching for four leaf clover that Vada spotted something interesting in her big sisters hand and she refused to let up until Kiliegh gave in and shared.

Luckily, it didn't take too much persuasion from Vada before Kiliegh was all being the first to ever Ive Vada a taste of something as sweet as a Tootsie Pop. Kiliegh even took the time to teach proper eating techniques.

We didn't find four leaf clovers this time but I think both girls were lucky in the experience that they shared together.

When we got home we sat out in our yard to play. We like being out doors, when the heat is bearable.

Again, Kiliegh had something that really struck Vada's interest an again Kiliegh was willing to share it, teach about it and even play a tune. All for her baby sister. I had many "proud Momma moments" today.

On a side note I have been working Vada on sharing. A lot of people think that its too early but I think that its never too early to start teaching good manners or right from wrong. Vada may not fully understand that she cant have everything that others have but if we teach her now she will eventually pick up on it-as any tot would. So far, "sharing" consists of us all being very repetitive and very consistent.

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