Monday, June 27, 2011

Bubble Baths and Randomness

Right now I am in the bath, a bubble bath actually! I know, I know...a little more information than you probably needed or even wanted to hear but it's the second time that I have been able to take a bubble bath this week! Both times I have consider each bath a gift from my husband who just happen to top off this bath by bringing me a tall glass of iced Organic Easy Now tea, which I plan  to sip on as I melt into the water and the aromas of Eucalyptus and Menthol (No, I'm not sick, I just enjoy the scents). Justin has even told the girls that they could not come into this particular bathroom until I came out. For all of you Momma's out there I am sure that you can understand how sweet that restriction is! Children seem to need you more when your trying to do something, like talking on the phone, cooking dinner any yes, even taking a bath.

Being a parent is a constant jog! This week alone, I am accompanying my girls to five days in a row of swim lessons. They also have activities at church once during the week. Kiliegh has a dance class. Jasmine has two soft ball games, Karate classes and then on Saturday, were taking her to camp, in Wisconsin, which I might add is a minimum six hours of driving! Therefore, something that seems so small like taking a bath (for mere relaxation purposes) seems like a luxury to me.

Even though things are crazy busy, I am really enjoying this time with Justin and the girls-where were doing things as a family. It's nice to not have to worry as much as I used to. It's even nicer being able to incorporate Vada in our every day activities verses finding someone to take the older girls somewhere or needing to have someone come watch Vada so that I can.

The balancing act between everything that the girls have lined up in a day/week and then the things that I need to do leaves me very tired. Therefore, any extra interests of mine I keep putting aside, like blogging. I have however, begun sleeping in my bed again which makes falling behind on hobbies well worth it! Up until about a week ago all of my nights ended with me sleeping on the floor or on the couch because little V had her sleeping schedule messed up. We co-slept with her, which I think is wonderful to experience together. Now however, putting her into her own bed has become somewhat trickier than it may have been if I just put her there when she first came home. I loved cuddling with her while we slept and when she was less mobile and I love the bond that her and I have so I dont regret co-sleeping with her one bit. Having her sleep with us made my nerves less of a mess. I knew she was breathing and doing well through the night when she was next to me and it also made night time feedings much easier. Now, however, she is all over the place and even with a guard rail up I am nervous that she'll crawl to the foot of the bed and fall off (and our bed is high up). Since I have been so tired I am scared that she'll crawl past me without me waking. So, it's time for her to sleep in her own bed and for the most part once she is asleep, she doesn't seem to mind the transition. It's harder on me probably because I wont let her cry herself to sleep. I don't like the idea of it. So getting her to sleep is a little time consuming than it may be if I did do the "Cry-it-out" method-which is fine.

I have also been focusing a lot of my attention on nap times. I am hoping that if I get Vada's naps figured out the sleeping through the night, (which hasn't happened since she was around five and a half months old-prior to her seizures), will follow. Either way, I feel as if were on the right track to getting blissful full nights of sleep, for V and I both!

It's been a week since the "quarantine" has been lifted and boy oh boy have we made our rounds with Vada. Well, sort of.

We went to the Farmers Market again. There the girls tried some fresh peaches, watermelon and even Vada had a small taste of fudge.

We walked through every part of the market as well as the inside portion. When we ventured to the far back of the outdoor market we found a tent where a nice couple was spinning wool straight from a live (and fully comfortable) Angora rabbit. It was an impressive sight to see. The girls however, were more impressed with the animals themselves.

Before leaving the house on this particular day Kiliegh had emptied her whole piggy bank into her purse. I bet the thing weight at least five pounds and not once but twice Jasmine helped her count out five dollars in loose change for two separate jewelry purchases. (I haven't seen the braclets since.)

One night we met our church's youth group, their parents and some of the church staff at Happy Joe's and we all hung out, ate pizza and caught up on each other lives a little. I realized again during this get together that my social skills are shot! Being house bound for the last two years has done something to my abilities with interacting with others. I now have no idea what to say to people, what to talk about or even how to start a conversation let alone carry one. I guess that just means that I need to be around people more. Either way, it was nice being surrounded by this group of friends, we all have a past together so the conversations were lighter and more care free.

Heidi's daughter Hailey is actually the reason that we go to FUPC-of Moline. "Hail's" inviting Jasmine, my oldest a few years ago to youth group with her. Jasmine went several times with Hailey and her family before I became interested and the rest is history.

Heidi and I as well as Jen (one picture below Heidi) were all in the same "small group", Sunday school class and even Women's bible study class when I was going on a regular basis (before my pregnancy with Vada). Also, Heidi was Kiliegh's reading teacher for two years.

Jen (below) like I already mentioned is in a lot of the same functions for church. She has two sons who are both Jasmine's and Kiliegh's age and they live four blocks away. Joe (her oldest) and Jasmine have spent a lot of time riding through the neighborhood on their bikes this summer. I like that Jasmine has nice boys to play with.

During my pregnancy Jen kept me well stocked with Dvd's and Panera. She constantly offered to walk our dog, take the girls to church amongst many other helpful things. She is a good friend and neighbor.

This is Rusty. He came to our church a couple of years ago from Texas. He works with the youth and does an amazing job! He is patient and kind and a strong leader to our kiddo's. He also brought with him his wonderful wife and two children. Just recently they had their third child Lylah.

This is Vada and Lylah interacting together.  The head on the left is Sarah, Rusty's wife and then head on the right is me.

Well, I can hear a fussy baby in the background calling for me, so I need to finish things up and attempt more "catch-up" on another day and time. Before I call it a wrap, I want to make sure that I mention  My cousin Terrie. She is around my age has struggled with weight issues for quite sometime now. She is a working mother of two beautiful babes and a wife of a pretty great guy. Recently, she started the Weight Watchers program and for the first time in a long time (maybe her whole life), she is seeing some pretty substantial results! She has decided to start blogging about her journey through the up's and down's of weight loss-blogging can be so therapeutic. Her blog is not intended to promote or endorse Weight Watchers in any way but since she is a active member in the program it is one of her primary topics in her writing. If you are interested you can check out her blog here.

Another new blogger is my Jazzy girl. She is my oldest daughter, an eleven year old sweetie who happens to have a lot of sass but a lot more heart than anything. She thought after watching me for some time that blogging sounded like a fun thing to do. I have no idea where she is going with it or even if she'll stick with it but I thought I would share her link anyway.

Kiliegh, my middle daughter saw that Jasmine, her big sister had started a blog and decided that she too wanted one. I'm still contemplating on that one but I did open up a typing program on the computer and told her to get in some practice and this is what she decided to write about. Cute huh?


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