Saturday, November 17, 2012

Literacy and Predictable Books

As part of Vada's family sight word recognition cards I have added an "I See My Family" predictable book. The book has seventeen of Vada's closest relatives.

I also laminated a new set of coloring matching cards for her. I found this set for seven dollars at our local teachers store. 

The set came real life-like photo's of teddy bears, each wearing different colored shirts. For each bear came a written color card and four coordinating color cards. This will help with matching, color recognition and counting.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Therapy: The Rock Climber

During Vada's physical therapy this week she was able to try a coupe of new things, one was the rock climbing wall. She did great and it seems like this little climber really enjoyed her workout.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Blue Prints"

It wasn't long ago that this little corner was what Justin and I were calling out bedroom. Now it's just a corner and our room is where the classroom once was.

My husband is estimating a months worth of work that's still needed until our home school classroom is finished and I am counting the days baby! I. Cant. Wait!

With the exception of the "cubbies" this is our plan for what the room will look like. We have narrowed our choices to two different options to choose from with the cubbies, either do that whole wall in cubbies or (and this is what I am choosing) nine cubbies total, three on top of three, on top of three.

This butterfly pattern is our inspiration, it is the pattern of the area rug that we just ordered and it is also where we will be pulling our paint colors from. My husband would like to paint all of the cabinetry so I think that I want cabinets to be orange, the accent wall will be a red and behind the cubbies will be a blue. The main walls will be an off white or a nice cream color. 

So far it looks like this room is going to be done in time to be a Christmas gift! 

Have I said that I am UBER excited? Have I said that I can't wait? I am SO excited! My hubby is the bestest! I cant believe he is building me our very own classroom! Ahhhh...., I can't wait!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vada's Family Recognition Book and Literacy

I am almost finished with Vada's family recognition book! Finally! It's been hard to stay focused on it due to the fact that the process of making it has been so redundant for me. 
I used an 8x8 scrapbook photo album and created it myself. I think it'll help Vada identify her family members as well as possibly vocalizing who they are. That's the goal anyway.

 I have been going through the book; Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome and in combination of this book with what I have learned through GiGi's Playhouse Literacy Training Program, I have put this family sight word kit together.

The way this kit works is pretty simple. I start off with Vada's photo and one extra copy of her name. I ask her to place her name on her photo/name. Once she has completed that I then add a blank "distraction" card into the mix and ask Vada to choose her name from the two sight word cards and again to place them on her photo/name. Once she has completed that I can add another photo or I can add another name and take out the blank distraction card. After she has successfully gone through all of the cards I can then do two to four photos with their corresponding names at a time.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

After Walking

 It's interesting to me how much Vada must have been focusing on learning how to walk because for awhile all other activities seemed to almost come to a stop, that is until she finally mastered the fine art of walking, now I couldn't get her to crawl even if I bribed her with candy (which I wouldn't . Don't get me wrong, she still played and learned but I noticed especially with her therapies that nothing seemed to hold her attention for any real length of time. Now that she is an expert walker, she seems to be doing something new everyday and I couldn't be more proud of her or more excited of her daily accomplishments and let me tell you, everyday if filled with them!

Saturday at GiGi's, while we were waiting for Vada's friends to arrive, Jasmine decided to put on a puppet show. While introducing the puppet that she had named "Bob" (who by the way resembled a killer doll from the eighties movie Dolls),

Vada eagerly stood up and said "Hi Bob!" and then quietly sat back down as if she hadn't done something both shocking and amazing. She had never said that before. She does say "Hi Mom" and "Hi Papa" but never before had she said Bob and so quickly after Jasmine had introduced him. Its random, I know but it is also new and it is speech.
During breakfast this morning Vada signed "more cereal please", that was the first time that she has ever signed a three word sentence before. And then tonight as Justin was heading off to work she said "Bye Papa".  And then Kiliegh was saying that she was cold so Vada got up and walked away, only to return to Kiliegh with her coat! She's blowing our minds, this girl of ours! Tonight, before dinner I said something about someone turning off the t.v., guess who did it.., yep, Little Miss, she went right to the t.v. and turned it off then walked t the dinner table!

 Oh! One more. I almost forgot! V shakes her head for "no" now. So this Saturday when the DT came for the very first time she was surprised by Vada because when she would ask Vada if she would like to do this or that Vada would shake her head for no. Ha! It took the therapist three times before V said yes to something. I guess the third time really is a charm.

I love this age and stage. I feel like I have waited a long time to see all of these things come from Vada but the wait has been well worth it! So much has come in this last month but especially after walking. I cant wait to see whats next!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Vada Riding a plasma car

This week Vada has also learned how to get around, alone, on the Plasma Car.

Vada kicking a ball on her own

I realize that kicking a ball come pretty naturally to most youngsters but this has just made me so excited. Today for her very first time Vada kicked the ball, while standing and all on her own!

Melting My Heart

At dinner time and when it is just the girls and I, I ask the older two to watch Vada while I am cooking dinner. Tonight every time I turned around I saw moments that melted my heart...