Monday, November 12, 2012

Vada's Family Recognition Book and Literacy

I am almost finished with Vada's family recognition book! Finally! It's been hard to stay focused on it due to the fact that the process of making it has been so redundant for me. 
I used an 8x8 scrapbook photo album and created it myself. I think it'll help Vada identify her family members as well as possibly vocalizing who they are. That's the goal anyway.

 I have been going through the book; Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome and in combination of this book with what I have learned through GiGi's Playhouse Literacy Training Program, I have put this family sight word kit together.

The way this kit works is pretty simple. I start off with Vada's photo and one extra copy of her name. I ask her to place her name on her photo/name. Once she has completed that I then add a blank "distraction" card into the mix and ask Vada to choose her name from the two sight word cards and again to place them on her photo/name. Once she has completed that I can add another photo or I can add another name and take out the blank distraction card. After she has successfully gone through all of the cards I can then do two to four photos with their corresponding names at a time.

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