Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Blue Prints"

It wasn't long ago that this little corner was what Justin and I were calling out bedroom. Now it's just a corner and our room is where the classroom once was.

My husband is estimating a months worth of work that's still needed until our home school classroom is finished and I am counting the days baby! I. Cant. Wait!

With the exception of the "cubbies" this is our plan for what the room will look like. We have narrowed our choices to two different options to choose from with the cubbies, either do that whole wall in cubbies or (and this is what I am choosing) nine cubbies total, three on top of three, on top of three.

This butterfly pattern is our inspiration, it is the pattern of the area rug that we just ordered and it is also where we will be pulling our paint colors from. My husband would like to paint all of the cabinetry so I think that I want cabinets to be orange, the accent wall will be a red and behind the cubbies will be a blue. The main walls will be an off white or a nice cream color. 

So far it looks like this room is going to be done in time to be a Christmas gift! 

Have I said that I am UBER excited? Have I said that I can't wait? I am SO excited! My hubby is the bestest! I cant believe he is building me our very own classroom! Ahhhh...., I can't wait!