Monday, November 5, 2012

Sleeping on Her Own: An Update

It took only two nights of moaning and groaning before Vada understood what bedtime means. 

On the first night she cried and yelled for me, "MaMa! MaMa!", she even knocked on her bedroom door (which is too close to her crib for her not to knock on it). I watched in on her on the the t.v. as she cried helplessly for me to come cuddle with her and it felt as if my heart was being squeezed  tightly but through it all, it also felt like this was the right time to be weaning her from the semi-co-sleeping situation we had put ourselves into.

Night two was much like night one only she found the light/fan switches and realized the cause and affect of her actions. That was fun to secretly watch. The crying lasted only about a third as the first night and while she had gotten up from where I had aid her, she also laid herself back down and covered herself up once she was bored of playing around.

On the third night I followed the same routine as the two nights prior, we read two books and then I laid her down, covered her up and gave her glow worm a squeeze, I said good night, kissed her nose and walked out. That was it. She stayed where I put her, kissed her glow worm and fell fast asleep only to wake up at six in the morning the next day. It was a beautiful night for me! I slept soundly and my heart was at ease. My littlest of littles had finally earned how to go to seep on her own, she is growing up!

Ever now and again i'll look on the t.v. monitor and find her fast asleep in the oddest of positions.., but the crying has stopped and the full nights of sleep have begun!

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I Just Love You said...

rachel slept great until 9 months old when an ear infection threw her off. we finally had to CIO and it only took her two nights too. we haven't had any issues since. congratulations, mama!