Sunday, November 11, 2012

After Walking

 It's interesting to me how much Vada must have been focusing on learning how to walk because for awhile all other activities seemed to almost come to a stop, that is until she finally mastered the fine art of walking, now I couldn't get her to crawl even if I bribed her with candy (which I wouldn't . Don't get me wrong, she still played and learned but I noticed especially with her therapies that nothing seemed to hold her attention for any real length of time. Now that she is an expert walker, she seems to be doing something new everyday and I couldn't be more proud of her or more excited of her daily accomplishments and let me tell you, everyday if filled with them!

Saturday at GiGi's, while we were waiting for Vada's friends to arrive, Jasmine decided to put on a puppet show. While introducing the puppet that she had named "Bob" (who by the way resembled a killer doll from the eighties movie Dolls),

Vada eagerly stood up and said "Hi Bob!" and then quietly sat back down as if she hadn't done something both shocking and amazing. She had never said that before. She does say "Hi Mom" and "Hi Papa" but never before had she said Bob and so quickly after Jasmine had introduced him. Its random, I know but it is also new and it is speech.
During breakfast this morning Vada signed "more cereal please", that was the first time that she has ever signed a three word sentence before. And then tonight as Justin was heading off to work she said "Bye Papa".  And then Kiliegh was saying that she was cold so Vada got up and walked away, only to return to Kiliegh with her coat! She's blowing our minds, this girl of ours! Tonight, before dinner I said something about someone turning off the t.v., guess who did it.., yep, Little Miss, she went right to the t.v. and turned it off then walked t the dinner table!

 Oh! One more. I almost forgot! V shakes her head for "no" now. So this Saturday when the DT came for the very first time she was surprised by Vada because when she would ask Vada if she would like to do this or that Vada would shake her head for no. Ha! It took the therapist three times before V said yes to something. I guess the third time really is a charm.

I love this age and stage. I feel like I have waited a long time to see all of these things come from Vada but the wait has been well worth it! So much has come in this last month but especially after walking. I cant wait to see whats next!

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Leah said...

What an incredible explosion. Go, Vada, go!