Friday, June 10, 2011

Their Biggest Fan

I like to claim that I am my girls' biggest fan, however, I am pretty for sure that I have taken second place now that Vada is in our lives. Jasmine and Kiliegh adore her beyond any possible description and their feelings are undoubtedly reciprocated by Vada.

Today, Vada and I ventured out of the house and even our of our neighborhood and to Jasmines softball game. First, before leaving, I had Jasmine and Vada pose together. It was our first game that Vada and I were able to make this season and I had to "capture the moment".

I figured that the whether was decent enough (not too hot, Vada has a hard time keeping herself cool) that I could wear her and keep our distance from the other people who were there and still enjoy watching my Jazzy play some ball.
It turns out that Mother Nature had something different in mind. It ended up raining practically the whole time. Luckily it was more of a mist than a complete down pour, at least for the majority of the time. I had an umbrella and once the heavier rain let up Vada and I took our place under a nice shading/rain blocking tree and cheered for our girl and her team.

This was a pretty important game. They were playing Seaton Red, one of the hardest to beat and one of the only teams, in the past, who have beat our team.  It was a tough game. Their girls played hard, ours did too and this time around our girls were able to get the win.
I have missed very little when it comes to school functions and extra curricular activities. However, I have missed the majority of all of them over the past two-two and a half years. A couple of weeks ago, just before Vada's heart surgery, I just barely made it to Kiliegh's dance recital and I didn't get to stay for the whole thing. Making this game and watching the whole thing, not just dropping Jasmine off felt so good to be able to do. I love my children and I love watching them do things that they enjoy.

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