Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A RootVue Garden

I am SO excited to be finally having some nicer weather! These last three days it has been beautiful around here and we have been outside as much as possible. My husband and inloves cleaned our whole yard and even the raised garden beds now we are just waiting for the "freeze warnings" to stop! 

My husband asked me what I wanted to plant this year and I said all vegetables! We tore up a whole bunch of plants and were going to sell them but in their place he thought I would like to put a new prettier flower. Nope. I want vegetables. Sorry neighbors. Potatoes. Carrots. Peppers. Asparagus. Cauliflower. Broccoli. Zucchini  Beans. Sugar Snap Peas. Spinach. Strawberries. I think that I have about covered it all...oh, yeah and corn!

Since there is still a wait on planting, gardening and an even longer wait on the harvesting, I thought that it would be a fun time to teach the girls a lesson about what we are doing in our garden, how their food grows and get a more hands on "feel" for their harvest later this year.

I ordered the RootVue through Amazon. It came with everything we needed including three packets of root vegetable seeds to plant. The only thing that I didn't like was that the plant "box" was never fully described in detail and when I opened the package I found that it was made of styrofoam  For the price I paid, I thought that it would have been something more. However, if it holds up through the mini harvest then I will be pleased and even willing to write a good product review because other than that I am really excited with what we have so far! 

This was a family project. I wanted to make sure that we were all  able to participate in this project, that way as things started to sprout up and out, we could all get equally excited about the work that we did together!

No, Miss V's face is not all dirty, it's all bruised up! This past Saturday she fell out of a moving wagon, head first, onto the cement! She had a bloody nose and an instant bump with a bruise! Yesterday, while playing with her sisters, she feel on the sidewalk and skinned both of her knees! 

Jasmine planted the radishes.

Justin did the onions and Kiliegh did the carrots but apparently I didn't take pictures of her planting those seeds...hmm, I wonder what I was doing?

Jasmine, Justin and Kiliegh learned a new sign today, while Vada and I continued to work on it..."vegetable".

It's only suppose to take a couple of days to start seeing these sprouts! So maybe by this time next week I may have an update on our RootVue garden!

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