Sunday, March 6, 2011

Progress and Reports

We're going on our forth week of the week to week visitations with Kiliegh. While I miss her like crazy when she is gone, I think switching her visitations was one of the best decisions that I could have made for her.

Our time together is more laid back and less rushed. She seems to be doing well over all in school, with her chores and on concentrating.

We had a parent teacher conference a couple of weeks ago (when I first started this post) and she is getting straight A's! Which means a $50.00 payment for her! (We don't do allowance in our house, but we do pay for good grades. We feel that school is their only job and that they should be paid for it, (like any other job), if they do well. Here, chores are looked at as being part of the family and not as a job, but that's a whole other post.) Anyway, Kiliegh's teachers had nothing but good things to say about her during the conference. They said "she is doing all good things and has shown real improvement". Go Kiliegh!

I don't think that Kiliegh was doing as bad as we originally thought. A lot of what we were hearing was coming from her dad's side and not actually from the teachers themselves. Some things however, we were experiencing here as well, so it made the whole ordeal hard to assess.

Prior to my pregnancy and then Vada's birth, I was a big part of the girls schooling, it was important to me to be involved and it still is important to me. The girls go to different schools because of the program that Jasmine is in (PATS ) but each week, at least once, I was at each school. Being on bed rest and then having to keep Vada secluded has made my involvement in their schooling practically impossible. So, its been hard to form any kind of rapport with the teachers and it has been even more difficult to keep up to date on everything. Needless to say, Kiliegh seems to be doing well and continuing to make and show progress and growth. I am so relieved! Plus, our home feels more like one occupied with a family verses one full of visitations rights.

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