Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

It's hard to think that the girls will be heading back to school tomorrow morning. Spring break came and went in the blink of an eye.

Our family did not do a whole lot during this break. We didn't go anywhere exotic or experience anything new.

However, everything that we did do, we did together and together is the best way to be!
We took a couple of trips to our neighborhood park when the weather permitted us to do so. In my opinion it was actually only warm two of the nine days of  Spring Break. On those days we tried to take advantage by actually being outdoors.

The days that weren't so warm I was inside with Vada. Jasmine and Kiliegh on the other hand were super troopers and refused to let a little cool breeze stop them from playing outside. I personally thought those moments deserved some hot cocoa.

On one of our trips to the grocery store we were able to find some really delicious strawberries. Which made it feel kind of like Spring was close. Kiliegh ended up made us desert one with them.

She even plated the deserts! Plating is something that Justin has taught the girls. He too, plates foods. I personally just try to keep my food from touching. Yes, I am one of those people.
I cant wait until the Farmer's Market comes around again. I am so excited for really good/fresh  fruits and vegetables. Well, as good as you can get from this area.

Jasmine had her hair cut this week. (Kiliegh's was last week.) Originally, Jazzy wanted a shoulder length "do". The picture was a girl who had many layers - an "emo" style of cut. Jasmine has thick, wavy, beautiful hair that she is not overly interested in "doing" so this particular cut that she had originally choose would have been a nightmare, mainly because unless she straightened or curled it everyday, it would have not looked like she wanted. I'm glad that she changed her mind, although I think she still wants a bigger change. I love her hair. Love it! However, I understand wanting a change. I so want to cut my hair off. I want it short, short, short... again, right now i'm too scared to do anything. I am however thinking of growing my bangs out again. I think that I like my hair the way it was more so than I like it now, with the bangs. Jasmine's hair cut was very subtle, but it turned out lovely and brought a healthy shine back into her locks.

Little Miss Vada is doing so well. She is growing and interacting more and more everyday. She smiles a lot and gets excited about all sorts of things. Another mother that I know had made a comment on not taking a smile for granted and I replied with how we have to work for Vada's. That work is a lot less now than compared to just a couple of weeks ago. She even giggles some. What it takes to make her laugh can not be described as merely work however,  but that's okay. Baby steps.

I realized this week, just how big Vada is getting. She dominates her boppy now! She's lost 6 ounces since the last weigh in, making her weigh around 18lbs-6oz.s. Her loosing weight is not necessarily a bad thing. She gained a lot of weight from being on ACTH and having Cushings. Currently she is maintaining a stable weight "baseline". She shows no signs of struggling in any way, so we are not concerned with the lose.

I still have to measure her length. I may be completely wrong, but I swear she is much longer than she was just a couple of weeks ago when she received her vaccination. Every time I think to do it the timing is wrong. Take this moment for an example. Eventually I will get to it and then I will give a length update on her. 

She had a feeding therapist come this week to evaluate her eating situation, which besides nursing is non-existent. This chick gums all sorts of foods and she will even open her mouth and act as if she is planning on eating but she typically spits everything out. So now we are working on her finding her inner mouth and it's boundaries. Gagging is a good thing in Vada's situation, it teaches her just how far things can go in her mouth before something happens. So,with the advice of the therapist we are now giving her whole carrots that she can gum and play with. It seems to help relieve some of the discomfort that she is in from teething. Plus, she seems to like the taste of it too. Sometimes I dip it in yogurt for flavor.
So that was a little taste of our past week. It was nice and over all relaxing. The girls are going back to school and to their typical routines and I will too. It's amazing how behind on my normal daily things that I get when they are home all day. I will have to find a good balance for this summer. For now, ill just get caught up and then figure out the rest when the time comes.

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