Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sticky Fingers and Sweet Cheeks

Personally, I think that the cake eating part of any first birthday is one of the most exciting events of the whole day. I like watching the reactions of the child getting their first taste of something sweet. It's fun to see the look of shock and surprise in their eyes. It's even more entertaining watching them create such a mess!

The cake seems to be the only time that you get much of a reaction from a first timer. Especially, if you have been like I have and held off all year from foods such as these. Vada has never shown much interest in any sort of solid foods. I was hoping that this may have started a revolution of solid food eating on her behalf. It hasnt, but you cant blame me for hoping.

Jasmine went crazy over her first cake. Kiliegh wouldn't touch hers, which left me not knowing what to expect from Vada. Therefore, giving her the cupcake was through the roof exciting for me. I couldn't wait to see what her reaction was.

The girls swiped off the chocolate butterfly wings because clearly that was too much sweets for Vada at one time (their words). Then together we placed the cupcake in front of her. She grabbed right for it.

Then, she stopped as her hand became a gob of goo and processed what she had just done. She did a brief scan of everyone sitting around her. We were all waiting with anticipation.

Every so slowly she brought her yellow fingers to her mouth and licked. More processing was done, you could see it in her eyes, that and the sugar high that was coming on.

We cheered and she repeated with enthusiasm.

I'm not certain if she ever swallowed any of her first sweet treat. Usually, she puts food into her mouth and then spits it out. She was too messy to see if any of it was intentionally coming back out.

She played in the mess for less than five minutes and it seemed that the moment she realized just how messy she had actually gotten...,

she was finished.

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