Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Gift

Truthfully, I have no idea or explanation as to why I chose to do what I did. Origami. Butterflies. A Mobile. Why would anyone think to put them together and for a birthday gift, let alone a first birthday gift. It's weird..., I know, but I like it!

My sister in-law made origami snow flake Christmas cards this last year. That was a pretty cool idea. I was impressed. Maybe she somehow inspired me?

Justin's cousin bought a really neat mobile that you clip pictures onto, but that was well over two years ago. This could have been where I got some of my inspiration?

Regardless of when and where I became inspired, something triggered my creative side. I have always liked butterflies and one day recently I decided to try origami stars. Once I saw how good the finished product looked I began experimenting with different types of origami butterflies. After finding a pattern that I really liked, I thought it would be pretty to have them floating around Vada in a picture, so i began to make multiple butterflies. Once I had several made I really liked all of the color that I was seeing, so I decided to make a rainbow of butterflies.

After having about twenty butterflies made I decided that making a mobile would be the simplest way to get the butterflies "flying" above Vada. I asked my sweet, sweet husband if he would cut me a piece of wood for the top and I began drawing out my ideas for the mobile. What he made was something above and beyond what I asked for! It really helped make the mobile "artsy" as I had intended it to be.

I knew that I wanted something to hang from the ends of the wires, but I was not for sure as to what. Originally, I had planned on doing polished stones/gems. Once I got to the art store and found that my idea was going to cost me around $13.00 per strand I quickly declined and decided that I would need to rethink my original plan over and find something new.

What I found was perfect! In fact, it was better than what I had planned for in the beginning.

What was intended for jewelry making I used for my little weights at the ends of each strand. Each charm had it's own specific word on it and kind of matched up with the color of the butterflies on that specific sting. Wisdom, Hope, Faith, Love and Believe.

I had decided that the center of the mobile needed a little something more than it's surrounding lines of fluttering friends. I found medals that were also engraved with its own unique word. My final touch was to add the charm with the angel wings. Very fitting. Together, I felt as if Justin and I had made the perfect gift to give to our Birthday Girl.

I forgot about this special charm. I just realized it today (3/7/11) while I was negotiating Vada eating dinner. We still have the mobile floating above her high chair. I look at it often as I try to figure out what to do with it now. Tonight was the first time that the angel charm floated by. It was like it was just asking to be announced. So, I am sharing this lonely forgotten charm now.


Garn said...

what a clever clever idea! I may just have a family project and copy it if you don't mind.

Twilson9608 said...

Copy away!

Desiree said...

Love it!