Friday, March 18, 2011

You Can Help

I can not imagine life without Vada. She has brought so much joy into my world and into my family's world as well. When I think of losing her or not having her, I crumble and the tears begin to flow, every time. I wish that more people could know the joy that she brings. Having a child who has Down syndrome does change things but only for the better.

I have read two blog posts within the last twelve hours that have brought pain to my heart, anger that is indescribable and sickness that washed over me. I want to share them with you. I hope that you feel something from them as well.  I want to beg for your prayers and ask for your voice.

You can help.

This blog is one that I have been following for quite sometime now. I feel that it should be mentioned with the other two because of the stories of truth that it provides to its readers. The mother of this blog writes of her struggles trying to adopt and her life with two fantastic children who happen to have Down syndrome. She recently adopted a young boy who is around Jasmine's age. He had no words when he first came home but within months he is growing and learning and soaking up everything, just like a sponge! He has medical issues that the family is facing but he is in a good place now with people who love him and who are looking out for his well being. He is amazing and so is his story. The mother from this blog also has two other stories to share. One is of her daughter, who also has Down syndrome and then another that is one of the saddest stories that I have ever read. She was actually denied an adoption because the child was so neglected that she was no longer healthy enough to come home. Please take the time to read her stories and to educate yourself so that you can help educate others.
Now that I have mentioned the adoption issues that many are facing I want to bring your attention to the treatment of those who are in institutions.

This blog talks about how a beautiful little girl was able to be adopted. She was granted a second chance. She now has a Mommy and a Daddy; a family. However, it also talks of how neglected she was while being institutionalized. There are sicking pictures of her when she was taken from the "hospital" that she was in.

This blog talks about a judge who denied a child a loving home and with this particular family and instead chose the cold and impersonal walls of an institution. Her ignorance is rampant in our society today. You can bet that she has never had the blessing to sit with someone, to speak with someone or to love someone who has Down syndrome. I feel sorry for her void and I am angered by her stupidity. She has no right to deny a child a safe and loving home. I don't want to think of the family and how they are feeling but I can't help but wonder about them or to grieve for them. I don't want to think of the scared little boy who now has no family. He won't know real love. He won't ever be challenged and won't have a chance to know his full potential. This is a frightening story of what many are going through but you can help.

God gave us each special abilities and talents that he intended for us to use. You may have extra money and if that's the case then here is a good place to put it. Maybe God gave you strong leadership skills, or an extra room in your house. Maybe you know someone who is struggling to have children of their own and you can bring them here to find a wonderful child who will bring all of the joys that any other child would bring.  Unfortunately these children are often overlooked. There are so many things that you can do. This is not just happening in other countries. You need to realize that this is happening right here in America, in your state, in neighborhood and even next door.

Money is good and adoption is great, but if you cant do either then I challenge you to use your voice.

You can help. 

You have a voice.Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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