Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a Birthday

I have been really excited all day. It hit me this morning while I was finishing the mobile that Vada has no clue what today is, not yet anyway. It'll be another couple of years before she realizes what a birthday is and what one means for her. Tonight when she eats cake and ice cream for the first time and when we sing Happy Birthday to her, she wont know why. She may even look at us as if we were all crazy. However, were naturally pretty "kooky" around this house anyway, so she may not.

The first birthday really is more of a celebration for the parents, siblings and loved ones. That's what we wanted today to be. A celebration of her birth, her life and the amazing little girl that she is.

We received approval to start reintroducing Vada back into the general public yesterday, while we were in Peoria. We're still avoiding situations with large groups of children (schools, children targeted restaurants and activities as well as our church daycare) because it is still the "cold season" and as much as we love, love, love the kiddo's in our life... they are still germ caring little boogers. So, for now we will be slowly introducing her to her family and to her hopefully new bestest (yeh, I wrote that) buddies. Her birthday party was very intimate because of this. We invited the great grandmothers and of course The the grandparents. My sister was invited as well, but on short notice (yesterday) and was unable to come due to work.

We had pizza and Vada had the "bones", because she is too darn picky and really wont eat a darn thing..., still.

Vada was cuddled up and loved on by both of her Great Grandmothers. It had been quite sometime since they had seen each other.

The last time that Vada saw G.G. Wilson was during the summer (last year).

G.G. Dhondt's one and only visit was on Mother's Day! Needless to say, there was a lot of hugging to make up for all of that missed time on both ends!

Grandpa and Grandma Wilson had a cold that lasted a couple of weeks, leaving them missing their Vada girl as well, so they were eager to love on her just as much!

Jasmine and Kiliegh helped Vada eat her butterfly wings and they even blew out the candle, which was really a t-light because I forgot to buy birthday candles!

I love, love my little ladies so darn much! I feel guilty that I don't write as often about them as I do about Vada. It's hard though. They are in school five days out of the week and then visiting their dad's every other Friday (or something close to that). Vaders is with me all of the time, so finding things to say about her comes quite a bit easier. I'm going to have to find something special to post of the older two. They really get a kick out of seeing themselves up on Facebook or on the blog. It's kind of funny because they think being on the blog makes them famous.

After pizza, cake...

ice cream... (Grandma was the first to give it to her)

and then a quick spray down in the kitchen sink Vada went with Daddy to the couch and opened her gifts.

Usually, I wouldn't make much of a deal on the gift side of birthdays but this girl made out like a bandit! She received a child like fortune from the GG's and my parents, which has already been put into her very own savings account.

Grandma and Grandpa Wilson bought her a Smart Trike which I cant wait for her to use!

She received a toy that not only entertained her...

... it also entertained her older sisters as well. I think maybe even more so.

She got a pink outdoor swing, a beautiful dress and then, because she is who she is, a Wilson, she received her very first tool bench work station.

She did it! She made it through the first year and all with out needing heart surgery! At one point we were told she would need the surgery as soon as she was born. She showed them! She has fought through the seizures with a minimal amount of hospital visits and she has barely caught any colds.

This girl is as strong as they come and as wonderful. We have been so blessed with her presence over this last year and look forward to the ones ahead. We have all grown because of her. She has taught us about life and its true beauties and because of her we have grown closer to each other and with Christ. Celebrating her, today was another one of my favorite life moments that I will treasure, forever.

We all had a long day, but it was a beautiful one!

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