Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vada's Birthday Cupcake's

I was stuck on butterflies this year and it became the "theme" for Vada's birthday. There were butterfly cupcakes, mobiles, dishes, gift bags, cards and even a Smart Trike (from Grandpa and Grandma Wilson). I like butterflies.., a lot. I think that they are beautiful and I like that they start out as a worm (of sorts) and morph into something fabulous. Still, that's not my reasoning behind the theme. Truth is, I have no reason. It's just how things seemed to work out.

Typically, Justin and his dad are the "cakesters" in the family. Justin's dad has been decorating cakes since Justin and his brother and sister was a baby. Justin started following in his dad's cake decorating footsteps once we became a family. However, I made special cakes for Jasmine and Kiliegh's first birthdays and I wanted to do something special for Vada's as well. I told Justin that I wanted to do cupcakes and that if he still wanted to make a cake that he could and should. It felt a little touchy because he does do such a wonderful job at his cakes and this was Vada first birthday, but I think that he was a bit relieved to not have that kind of pressure on his shoulders. He has been very busy lately and finding the time is not always the easiest thing to do.

I found my inspiration for Vada's cupcakes in a cookbook called Hello Cupcake. It is such a fantastic book that is filled with fun and not so difficult ideas. (I'm doing the corn on the cob cupcakes on April Fools Day for the girl..., to be playful.)

I started the chocolate wings about a week ago and spent two separate nights doing them and then I made the cupcakes themselves, last night. (I used Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix and it was by far the best tasting cake mix that I have ever used!)

Then together, Justin and I assembled the butterfly bodies onto the cupcakes themselves.

They turned out nicely and they tasted delicious!

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