Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sisterly Lessons

Today Kiliegh decided that Vada needed a lesson on how to play her Nintendo.

She sat down next to Vada, who was sitting on the floor playing quietly with her Ugly Dolls, and began explaining the "do's" and "dont's" of her game.

Vada Love the girls so much. She gets excited when they get home from school or when the come into a room after not being present for a prolonged period of time. Its fun to watch her get excited over her sisters.

She loves spending time with them.

Kiliegh and Jasmine both seem to share those same feelings towards Vada as well. They are patient and genital with her which is a blessing. They show concern and compassion and go out of their way to do stuff with and for her. Both Kiliegh and Jasmine are great helps to me, with her.

Today, Vada learned about the Nintendo. A small step into what they girls will teach her and just another invaluable lesson from one of her sisters.

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