Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Lost

Its a rare delicacy to have a friend whom you can tell anything and everything to and not be judged. It's even more rare to find someone who helps you love life a bit more and who makes you want to be a better woman, wife, mother and friend. I am blessed to be able to say that I have not only my husband who does this for me but a select number of people other than him, who do this for me as well. I was able to see one of these people today. She is one of my closest friends, whom I love and have missed dearly.

She recently had a daughter who is now three months old. I met Hope the day of her birth and then I have seen her from a distance a number of times. Today, was the first day that Hope and Vada were able to meet.

For me, having the two girls meet was a joyous occasion and something that I have been very eager to have happen.

I remember when I was still pregnant with Vada. I wasn't too far along in this memory..., It was summer time and I was sitting with my friend in her back yard. We were watching her son play. I was thinking of my unborn child and playing the future in my thoughts. I had high hopes that someday this particular friend and I would be doing the same thing, only she too would have a child close in age to the one that I would soon be giving birth to.

Vada is twelve months now and like I said Hope is three. It took a little extra time to unite our daughters but the moment that we laid them down next to each other a calm washed over them. Vada and Hope looked at each and almost simultaneously grabbed for each others hands. It was as if they had known each other in another life and were long lost friends. I cant help but wonder if they too were awaiting this very moment.

I pray that today was the beginning of a new friendship for our girls and one that will flourish in time. I look forward to the days of watching them play together and I am grateful that what once was only a thought is now a possibility.

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