Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting Ready to Ride

Last Summer Jasmine took over my bike. Her's had a flat tire not once but twice with in a weeks span and was already a bit too small for her. Since I was unable to ride mine with Vada, I just let her have it.

This year, however, I want to ride! So, I told Justin that I wanted a bike. I told him what I wanted and he began to research different brands and similar styles to what I had originally said, a beach cruiser.

Since I will need to be toting Vada with me it needs to be a bike with multiple speeds. We have been told by some bike experts that anything below a 7 speed just wont do. Another thing that was brought to our attention is that the bike seats are not a safe choice. Babies tend to fall asleep with the motion and then "flop" all over. Plus, if I were to ever fall over or get hit Vada would be the one who would take the majority of the impact. Can you imagine? I can't, it makes me sick. The safest thing I suppose would to just not ride a bike with a baby, period, but then you cant live your life fully sheltered either.

We have narrowed the bike choices down to these five. The first and second are in the run and I am having the hardest time choosing! Justin made sure that these would do for what I plan on doing with them... casual riding with some extra "luggage" and then he showed them to me, along with about a hundred others!

The Raleigh Retroglide 7 in Steel and Green

The Trek Pure Low Step in Cream Yellow

The Giant in Suede Black

The Giant in Pearl White (the same as above, just in a different color)

The Schwinn Midmoor in white

Again, the first two are my favorites and I am really leaning towards the first one. Yes, I will also have a basket on the front. How could I not?

We have been searching for trailers that would attach to the bike for Vada.  I want the trailer to look good with the bike as well as be the safest choice for Vada. So far, this is my favorite one... only  it's pretty expensive. Too expensive and I want to find one that's more affordable without cheapening it up and risking safety or it's comfortableness. 
The Burley Honey Bee Bike Trailer

Here's where you can help. I would really appreciate your input. Do you have experience with bike trailers? I personally, have never used one with Jasmine or with Kiliegh. In fact, I didn't ride with them at all.

I need a trailer that has a five point harness, for extra support in case Vada does fall asleep. We need to really protect her neck until we find out if she has atlantoaxial subluxation (AAI), which may be quite awhile until anything has been established in that regards. Plus, I really don't want her to fall asleep and not notice that she is having her own mosh session behind me. That would be bad!


Leah S. said...

I am totally loving the Raleigh Retroglide! Makes me want one!

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

I have had great luck with my Trek. They make great quality bicycles. I have had mine 6 years and it is still in perfect shape. As for bike trailers...I have used one for my son since he was big enough to use it. I love it. It supported him well and I never worried about his comfort. He fell asleep every single time we went out for a ride.