Thursday, March 17, 2011

Enjoying Our Walks and the Warmth

Yesterday's weather was so nice that the moment I got home from picking up Jasmine from school I popped the trunk of the car and pulled out the stroller. I fastened Vada securely into her seat and the girls strapped themselves into their blades and away we went.

I was excited about being outside. So excited that I forgot about Vada's smart trike. Our walk lasted over an hour and by the time we came home it was getting chilly again. It wasn't until dinner when Justin asked how we liked the trike that I realized I had forgotten all about it.

Today was another warm day and instead of getting out the stroller I got out Vada's trike. She loved It! Loved it! She was a bit curious as to what I was placing her in and what we were going to do with it, but once we started walking she enjoyed the ride. She babbled and threw her hands all over the place.

These last two days have been beautiful! I hope and pray that this long winter weather is o.v.e.r.

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