Monday, March 7, 2011

A Sweet Girl and Her Hair

First of all I have to admit that when Kiliegh said that she wanted to get her hair cut off..., I did not want to let her do it. Her beautiful red locks has been something that has warmed my visual senses from the moment she came into this world. A couple of years ago she had a short hair cut and it looked great, but I had grown accustom to her long hair again. While the idea to get a cut was not mine (and not one that I would have suggested) she did seem eager to have it done and I understood that having short hair, for her, was easiest to take care of.

So, today I took her to my salon and had my favorite girl (Amanda) give her a "do" that was perfect for Kiliegh's age, hair type and that fit the shape of her cute little face perfectly.

Summer is approaching quickly and this cut will be perfect! I know that with the warm weather approaching lots of ladies are considering new "do's". If your one of those people please consider donating to Locks of Love. This NPO takes your left over hair pieces and creates beautiful wigs for children and young adults (under the age of 21) who are suffering from various illness that in some way or another effects the growth of their own hair. There are some restrictions and guidelines, but if your interested in how you can donate check out their site.

This was Kiliegh's second time donating and over all it was the sixth time for our family.

Her hair cut turn out wonderfully! She looks absolutely adorable and a bit older too. Seeing her hair makes me want to go short again..., only I don't think that I am as brave as Kiliegh was today.

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