Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Retroglide

Today my sweet, sweet husband woke me up with an excitement in his whole being that is commonly only seen in a child on Christmas morning. He has been researching all kinds of bikes on line and this morning he was excited to see what we could find locally. We packed up the car at nine, went to five stores and by noon we had found my bike.

It's the Raleigh Retroglide 7.

It turns out that the Raleigh I had posted on a previous post was not only a males bike but a new model that has not yet been released and there was no release date given.

Justin and I came into Healthy Habits and after looking around and not finding what we were looking I showed some pictures of the bikes that I was interested in. The owner disappeared into his storage and came back only minutes later with three very cool and very retro-like bikes. Mine, this Retroglide, was one of them.

It's so fun! We slapped a nice wired basket on it and it was perfect for me. The only thing I need now is to find a trailer to attatch to it so Miss V can ride along with me.

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