Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lunch With A Side Of Friends

Today we were able to enjoy the smaller things in life. The things that often gets over looked because they are such a common ritual for most and not often something that is forced to be restricted.

Today we had a family of friends over for lunch. It was the first time that we have been able to have anyone other than a repressed amount of family in our home and around Vada in seven months. S-E-V-E-N -M-O-N-T-H-S, it's an amazingly looooog period of time to be away from anyone let alone everyone!

It was so nice to have visitors again. I am grateful for the fact that they too have children and brought them along. We have choose to still keep Vada out of school and daycare "like" settings however, we welcome the opportunity to have her be around other children.
The female adult interaction that I was able to have was like having my favorite kind of Sundae, sweet, and the opportunity to introduce Vada to more people was like the cherry on top.Very few people have yet to meet Vada. We knew when the decision to keep her secluded was made that it was not a permanent solution but a temporary fix to protect her. We also know that we will have to do this all over again when she finally does have her heart surgery. However, we will cross that particular road when we get to it. Today, we are making the most of this moment and celebrating friendship and the joys of being together.

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