Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well Check

Today we started Vada's immunizations back up. For those of you who are unfamiliar with why we stopped in the first place Ill give you a quick up date...,

Vada's last immunizations were her two month vaccines. She was behind schedule because of her prolonged stay in the hospital after her birth. She had the second series of shots when she was around three months old. When it came time to get her next round of vaccines she was ill and we had decided to wait until the "cold" had passed. However, a new problem presented itself before this happened. She began to have blood in her stools. At first her pediatrician said it was due to her having a virus and brushed it off. After a couple of weeks of passing blood in every diaper and dealing with me, an very persistent mother, he began further testing to see what was actually causing the bleeding. At five and a half months old the bleeding continued with the cause still unknown. At this point in time, something else happened. It was one of the hardest things that we have had to face so far, she began having seizures. The seizures and the medications to control the seizures, put everything on hold including any and all vaccines. As far as the bleeding goes, the cause was never determined. However, it did stop the week that she was in the hospital and after she began treatment for her seizures. I don't think that the two were ever linked and it was never insinuated that it was even a possibility, just a coincidence. One thing that we were able to determine was that the bleeding was not a lactose intolerance issue, other than that nothing was found and since then there has been no further issues with Vada having blood in her stools.

Today, Vada is 12 and a half months old.  A little over a week ago her neurologist approved her vaccinations to be started again. I called her pediatrician and made the appointment only yesterday. Fear has had a hold of me. I know it may sound a bit absurd and maybe even pessimistic on my part but when your accustom to so many bad things occurring, you begin to question any "good" that comes your way.Vada has been doing very well in every area, however, there isn't a day that passes that I dont wake up with some sort of unwanted anticipation.  Dont get me wrong, I am not letting my fears take my life over. I am not so consumed that I am not able to enjoy my family (including Vada) or my life. The fear I am referring to is like a small gray cloud in the lining of my personal sky. I know its there, I can see it and at times I can reach out and feel it but I try to push it aside. I try to see what I have at this very moments..., Blessings.Yesterday, that same cloud was a bit too close, it was creating shadows on the happy areas in my life and I knew that it was time for me to once again conjure up a good gust of courage to blow it away.  So, I gave it God and although it took me over a week to let God take my fears, I did it and I called the doctors office.

Vada's immunizations are on a very slow schedule. She will get one injection once a month until she is updated and then it will remain one injection monthly whenever she is due for her typical shots.

She did well with the shot, but she has had over eighty injections in that same area with in the last year, so I think its fair to just go ahead and call her a professional. 

Today she not only had a vaccination she also had A "Well Check". Her weight has stabilized. The swelling/obesity from the cushings is really going away. She is hitting some pretty significant milestones and the most exciting news is that she actually grew in length! She is officially 26 inches long! It has been over five months since I have seen any real change, but here we are, watching her stretching out! Besides the thirty seconds of tears after her shot the visit went well.

If you would like to read more on Vada's thyroid issues then click here to be redirected to that particular post.

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Kathee Terwilleger said...

That's a great description of worries that can creep in, as a matter of habit. My mom has such a cancer history that any headache makes her think, "Is this brain tumor?" She finds an unfamiliar bruise and wonders, "Is this leukemia?"

I agree with you, you're not letting the fear win. You're not being pessimistic or a worry-wart. It's a natural reaction given the circumstances and the fact that you fight the impulse to stay with the fear is good. Keep fighting, sweetheart.