Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recovering: A Quick Update

Vada is still kicking butt and taking names but (and it's a small but) there have been a couple of very minor set backs. Her chest XRay this morning showed some fluid in her right lung, her urine output has decreased and she has gained a decent amount of weight. She came in weighing 17lbs-3oz and now weighs 19lbs-8oz. Many things can be the cause of the different issues, varying in different degrees. Over all, we think that it has to do with the anesthesia and the pain medications that were used during and after her surgery. These things tend to shut down or "quiet" the bowls and cause a backup of fluids. She was started on Lasix again and after not seeing any wet diapers she was changed to a stronger diuretic. Since that medication was introduced (earlier this afternoon) we have seen two very full diapers and have heard a lot of gas being passed.

Another concern is her oxygen intake. Vada has always sat in the low ninety's. Always. However, she is dipping in the high eighties, especially when she is sleeping or nursing. So, she was placed back onto oxygen. She is on the lowest amount that they can give so the concern is very minimal. Right now, she is asleep, her little nose piece is out of her nose and pointing towards her eyes. Her intake is sitting at 88%. The nurse doesn't seem concerned but I am going to fix her nose piece just to make it worth the tape stuck onto her sweet sensitive skin.

Yesterday, Vada was taken off of all pain medications and boy did she have a hard time later in the evening. Poor baby cashew. Last night, when she was clearly in pain she was placed back onto one of the stronger pain medication that she had already been on. She was given it again at five this morning and then at noon. Since then she has only had Tylenol and she is doing very well. It was so sad though, watching her be in such an extreme amount of pain.

Vada was awake when Daddy and Grandma were here but getting ready to leave and that was around 8:30 PM. She just recently fell asleep. So if you use your imagination you'll be able to figure out where I am about to go. The talk around the nurses station and in room 429 was that Friday may have been Vada's release date. Truthfully, as much as I want to bring her home, I was not comfortable with leaving on Friday. With Vada's new road bumps, Friday is off the plate. Which I am okay with! She needs time to heal and recover and I felt like she was being rushed. She's just a baby. Anyway, were being told that Saturday may be where it's at, but I am going to place my bet on at least Monday. Still, that's only six days post-op and we were told seven to ten days, so shes still ahead of schedule.


Lacey said...

She does look like she's holding on to post heart surgery fluid. Keep peeing that off sweet girl. I can't believe they stopped ALL her pain meds, thats just mean! At least give the girl some tylenol. How would you feel if your chest was cut open just days ago? I'm glad they put her back on something!

EN said...

Isn't it shocking how quickly they take the babies off of pain meds?! That made me really nervous after Josie's heart surgery. She looks fantastic though! Her coloring looks so healthy. She's in our prayers. Hang in there!