Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Market

Today was the grand re-opening of one of our local Farmers Markets. This one is open year around and is an indoor out door market. It's been re-located due to flooding which was why today was the Grand re-opening. As soon as we started walking from our car towards the market we were greeted by a marching band, which was just the beginning of a good time!

We arrived around noon, giving us a little over an hour to look around and shop before the market closed up for the day.

Our first stop was the Pappardelles pasta stand. My mouth is watering from thinking of this 8th wonder of the world! This was by far my favorite stop! I'm eager to come back and to try the different pastas, which I plan on doing over the course of the upcoming summer! We actually have a check list that was provided at the stand. All of the noodles that Pappardelle's offers is on this list so we plan on checking off as we go. Its seems kind of fun. The only problem is making up our minds for our next purchase!

Today, from Pappardelles, Justin and I picked out Spicy Thai Linguine and the Cracked Pepper Fettuccine. Tonight, Justin will be making us Grilled Chicken with Tamarind Orange Glaze with Spicy Thai Pasta. It's the recipe that was given with the pasta. Were going to make each recipe that comes with each pasta that we try. It'll be fun too. I am excited to buy The Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna. Doesn't that sound delicious?!? I think however, it may be something that we have to order verses picking up from the market. Justin and I mis-understood what was being said, so we're unsure if they were just out of these noodles when we came, or if they didn't carry them a the market. We shall see. I plan on going back quite a bit over the summer... especially for this stand!

I'm looking forward to later in the season when all of the vegetables really start coming in.There were quite a lot out there today but none really stuck out. That would have been that we came later in the day after everything had already been picked through or it could have been that it is still early in the season. Either way,  I want fat juicy tomatoes, big squashes, cucumbers and all of the colored peppers. I want juicy fruits too and soon.

Another fun stop was the jelly/jam stand. There were tons of flavorful favorites of Justin and the girls. I personally have issues with dipping from community dips, so I tried nothing but lived vicariously through them Unfortunately, everything that they likes was already sold out. Again, the risk you take when coming late.

One dip stand that had Justin and the girls excited was The Dip-Orium. They had like twenty different dips ready for our sampling pleasures. There were sweet dips, veggie dips and even hot Hot HOT dips. We purchased Garlicky Garlic, Veggie Patch and Tomato & Horseradish. I personally am looking forward to making and eating all of them!

Since the sampling didn't fully fill Justin and Jasmine up they decided to try some of the other food that was being sold. Kiliegh and I were happy with our lemonades.

On our way out this was one of the last stands that we walked by... Looks good doesn't it?!?

Have I mentioned that I had a great time? Well, I did! I soooo enjoy doing stuff like this. I like seeing all of the vendors, the crafts and the homemade foods. I like talking with the people and seeing the different people and I enjoy purchasing our foods locally. Its something that I also enjoy doing with my family. The only thing missing was Vada. I know that keeping her away from everyone right now is whats best but I missed her. I look forward to the opportunities we will have in the near future.

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