Friday, May 6, 2011

Color Wonder-ful

Crayola came out with colored bubbles. When I first saw the commercials, around Easter, my mind went straight to getting some cool pictures from them.

For Easter the girls each received their own bottle of this new colorful creation. Pink for Vada, green for Kiliegh and blue for Jasmine.

Truthfully, I wasn't overly impressed but I haven't given them much of a chance yet. The only color that made decent bubbles was the blue colored ones. They did make a mess, but that didn't matter. I knew that they would. The commercials made them  seem really vibrant, but the ended up being just colored. Which is neat, but not overly. I was so eager to get really cool pictures that I think I made them too cool in my mind. I wanted pictures that I wouldn't need to photoshop and I was unable to get them. Again, I haven't spent a great deal of time with them and maybe it was just me.

After Easter, I kind of gave up on the bubbles. The three bottles sat out on our deck, untouched by everyone. Until..., today.

Kiliegh and Brooke went outside to play for awhile. I was on the couch nursing Vada. They had probably been outside for about ten minutes when Justin went outside. He had an arrand to run. Almost immediately after walking outside he came back in, frazzled. When i asked what was wrong he said that the girls had got into the bubbles and were covered in them. He was concerned, more so I think of my reaction. I told him to just run his arrend and on his way out to tell the girls to stay outside and that I would be out soon to help them get in the house.

Did I mention that these bubbles are completely washable! Yep, no ruined clothes!
This was more along the lines of what I was hoping for when I had bought the bubbles. Well..., not quite, but this was pretty good too! God bless these mischievous little girls!

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Angel said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You are a great mama. I might have freaked a little. :)